Abdal's Gourmet Catering

Abdal Profile Pic.jpg Abdal Moneem-Kyassah moved to Dunedin with his family two years ago as part of the United Nations refugee resettlement program. Originally a chef from Syria, after working in Saudi Arabia & Malaysia. Abdal will bring his personality & delectable Syrian flatbreads (Saj), shatta, za'atar, cheeses & other wonderful delights to introduce to the market goers. He will be cooking at the market on a gas fired saj dome to make his flat breads fresh in the morning. He has his own catering business here in Dunedin. All his dry goods are purchased in Dunedin & his za'atar features a special ingredient which he was happy to discover in Otago. Realizing that Central Otago thyme was just like the thyme that grew in his homeland was a happy shock, now he regularly heads to Central in summer to forage for thyme. Abdal Catering shares chef Abdal’s love of Syrian food with the people of his new home, Dunedin. Enjoy the flavours of his delicious range of gourmet products including Abdal’s Za’atar and Abdal’s Shatta.


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