Asian greens with soft poached eggs


A large handful of crunchy greens per person, try asparagus, bok choy, beansprouts, chard/silver beet stalks, green beans and any leafy greens such as spinach or shredded Asian cabbage can be added 20sec from the end of steaming.
Equal parts tamari, lemon juice and sesame oil
A thumb of grated ginger
A fresh chilli diced or a sprinkle of chilli seeds.
Toasted hazelnuts, roughly  chopped
An egg per person


Poach eggs to your liking in plenty of salty boiling water. Remove with a slotted spoon and allow to drain, soft boiled eggs are equally as good. Wash your greens, and cut as is needed to facilitate even steaming. Steam for no longer than 2-3min, adding leafing greens only seconds from the end. Then plunge vegetables straight into plenty of iced water once cool drain, this arrests the cooking and preserves their brilliant green colouring.  While steaming combine tamari, lemon juice, chilli, grated ginger and sesame oil in a small bowl.

Pile greens onto your choice of platter or individual plates. Top with poached eggs and scatter with toasted hazelnuts. Serve without delay.


Lean, colourful, and packed with flavour here’s a seriously easy meal-in-a-bowl perfect for a busy weeknight supper or an impromptu weekend lunch with friends.

Thanks to Janefields - Greens and herbs, Amazelnuts - Hazelnuts, and to Anne Robertson – Free range eggs  for providing the ingredients used in the demonstration at the market
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