Ready to Eat

bagelos.jpg (1) Freshly made bagels toasted and topped with delicious, tasty fillings. Great coffee using beans freshly roasted from Vanguard and local milk from Holy Cow.

Now known as Bagelo's new owner Evi is carrying on the fine tradition of previous owners Tom & Sarah (as Hussey & Laredo,) who bought the iconic 1974, bright yellow Zephyr caravan from Oamaru in 2016 opening to trade in April 2017. She is taking on the strong belief of growing locally, ethically and in season always ends up tasting better and providing more quality nutrition, buying directly from growers and producers at the farmers market including Holy Cow, Bay Road,  Janefield Hydroponics alongside many others. They also support other local business’ like Deep Creek Deli and Harbour Fish. Vanguard also roast the specialty coffee they use in the caravan which is roasted using some of the highest quality beans on the market. All the condiments are made in house, in fact everything on the menu is freshly baked, produced or created, with care taken to choose ingredients that are of the best quality and align with their beliefs on sustainability and consumer choices. They have cups to borrow, offer incentives for reusable cups, use fully compostable packaging, support Holy Cow milk which not only tastes great but comes in glass, reusable bottles and are a very welcome addition to the market.








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