Baked ginger and chilli fish with Miso and garlic glazed artichokes

Fish / Seafood


2 fillets of fish

1 red chilli

7g fresh finely grated ginger

1 tbsp tamari




Artichoke ingredients:

60g butter

2 tbsp miso

1 clove garlic

1 tbsp sesame seeds

500g Jerusalem artichokes

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper


Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees

Wash the artichokes and scrub well to remove any dirt. Slice the artichokes into pieces about 1cm thick

Soften the butter and mix with the finely diced garlic and miso paste and set aside for later

Heat a pan on high heat (preferably one that can go in the oven) add a dash of olive oil and then add the artichokes. Season lightly with salt and pepper

After cooking for a few minutes and place the pan in the oven (or transfer to a roasting dish). Roast until the artichokes are only just tender

When the artichokes have gone in the oven, prepare the fish. Cut a large piece of baking paper and lie it flat on the bench

Finely slice the red chilli. In a bowl mix together the tamari and finely grated ginger

Place the fish fillets on the baking paper at one end. Pour over the tamari/ginger mix. Season lightly with salt and pepper and lastly sprinkle over the sliced red chilli. Fold the paper over the top of the fish and roll the edges of the paper together to create a parcel that will keep everything inside

The fish will take approx. 15 minutes to cook depending on the size of the fillets so pop the parcel in the oven about 5 minutes into the artichoke cooking time

Once the artichokes are just tender, place the pan back on the stove top on moderate-high heat and add the butter mix and sesame seeds. Toss through the artichokes and cook for a couple of minutes until they are sticky and browning

Remove the fish from the oven and carefully open the parcel to check the fish is cooked. Be careful of the steam that will escape when you open the parcel

Serve the fish straight away with the artichokes and steamed greens for a delicious dinner


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