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John Graham defines himself as a broken down landscaper who came to bee keeping 20 years ago. He bought Bennies Honey in 2006 and was the third owner of the business that has been in existence since 1934. And the first owner outside of the family.

John has about 500 hives, some of which are in the same place as they have been for the past 90 odd years. All his hives are in the Maniatoto and Alexandra areas. Mostly the bees feed on pollen from field clover which they love and thyme from the Alexandra based hives.

John has learnt tons about bees over the years. He says the bees get grouchy when the weather is changing and that they can pick up on vibes from humans so it is best not to take your bad mood into the field! He says that he will never stop learning about bees as they are infinitely fascinating.

He finds working with bees very therapeutic and totally relaxing.

John has plans to diversify his product line to start making marinades and sauces using honey wherever sugar is used.

At this point in time John is getting his honey processed in various factories around the district. His factory in Ranfurly is currently being upgraded.



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