Ready to Eat Chinese Street Food - Bing!

Ready to Eat

Alex and Zoe close up.jpg Jian Bing Guo Zi (Savory Chinese Crepes)

Bing is a very popular Chinese street food and the people of Dunedin are now cottoning on as to why!

Alex and Zoe, the owners of Bing, met in New Zealand after they had both travelled here from China on working holidays.

In 2017 they decided to leave the north island and head south where they fell in love with beautiful Dunedin.

They realised that there was nothing like Bing here so set about setting up their business in a custom built, mobile food truck. Their very first day they sold out!

Bing is a savoury crepe made from a mixture of flours including mung bean which they make from scratch. Inside is a crunchy layer, egg and an assortment of vegetables and meats should you desire that. Different sauces complete the dish. It is filling, healthy and very, very more-ish!

Alex and Zoe prepare everything from scratch in their A grade kitchen and are very pleased now that what is a traditional Chinese snack has now made a mark on the Dunedin food scene. They have many regular customers.

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