Blue Mountain Butchery

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bluemountainbutcheryprofile.jpg Family owned butchery selling a high quality range of specialty meats

It was a stunning West Otago day when we visited Vaughn and Shelley Wesselson and the team recently at Blue Mountain Butchery in Tapanui. Housed in an historic building converted to a butchery many decades ago it felt a little like stepping back in time to when every town had at least one butcher and meat was handled with care and respect. Back in the early days a rider was sent out on horseback going door to door to get the meat orders for the week. These orders were filled and then dropped off by horse and cart when finished.

While things have definitely moved on the team at Blue Mountain Butchery still bring these old fashioned values to what they do. They provide exceptional meat and a very high level of service.

Everything Blue Mountain Butchery sell they make on site. They make all their own brines and smoke the meat in the original 100 year old smokehouse. They work alongside local breeders to offer top class meat direct from the farm. Aniwaniwa Speckle Parks and Hall Genetics Belted Galloway are two breeds of cattle raised locally that produce superior taste and texture. Blue Mountain Butchery also offer organically reared lamb cuts.

Vaughn and his wife Shelley passionately believe in accountability and knowing where food comes from. Vaughn has been a hunter most of his life and involved with the farming industry for a large chunk of his adult life. He knows the industry well and believes that customers deserve to know the provenance of the food they buy.


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