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250gm and 500gm jars of manuka, kanuka and wildflower honey produced within a 50km radius of Dunedin, predominately within the Blueskin Bay area. The kanuka is from the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Also delicious honeycomb is available from time to time.

Bees are incredibly complex and fascinating creatures, and David Milne began his relationship with them 15 years ago. After the first year he thought he knew all there was to know but has since appreciated that the more you learn, the less you know when it comes to bees and bee keeping.

Dave has about 100 hives spread throughout the Dunedin region. About 10% of these are hives for managed lease but the remaining 90% are situated in and around Blueskin Bay. Dave manages the entire process and enters into a mutually beneficial arrangement with landowners to house the hives. In turn they receive honey and excellent pollination.

Dave breeds queen bees to ensure that he has a sufficient supply of young, fertile queens who will lay a lot of eggs resulting in high bee morale and an increase of up to 40% in honey production. He prides himself on producing a quality honey with very low processing. It is filtered only once, not over heated and not creamed which would change the structure of the sugar crystals. It is packaged in glass jars which he accepts back to reuse. It is important to Dave that his honey is a natural food product produced with a high level of integrity and gathered from a clean and beautiful environment.

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