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245188279_158918126436014_4523135170365538701_n.jpg A micro artisan bakery making Sourdough Breads, Pizza Bases & hand crafted sweet pastries from a Kurtosh food truck

Supplying a variety of breads... & more!

I am a chef with 20 years experience in an "Haute cuisine". My expertise lies within the French technics and Italian traditions. I believe in using fresh and local products in my kitchen and recently started my own little Artisan sourdough bakery in Dunedin. Born and raised in Israel, my family is originally from Eastern Europe and these were the flavors of my childhood.  I believe that with my culinary experience and international/cultural point view,  I bring something different to my breads and baking. Tomer

A traditional festive Transylvanian Delight that is wrapped around a wooden spool, baked in a special oven, in English it would be called a "Chimney cake". You would normally find it around Europe during festivals as a street food. I have imported the special Kurtosh oven and can bake the Chimney cake on the spot. The recipe is a family recipe and I'll have a variety of sweet toppings

Sourdough Pita Bread - wholemeal flour, naturally leavened (no yeast) traditionally made (Vegan)

Frena Bread - traditional Moroccan Bread,  sourdough, naturally leavened with olive oil and Zaatar topping (Vegan)

Jersusalem Bager - ring shaped soft bread with slight sweetness and sesame topping (Vegan)

100% Rye Bread - healthy sourdough, Eastern European technique with only Rye flour water and salt (Vegan)

Sourdough Baguettes - naturally leavened (no yeast) rich in flavours and health benefits (Vegan) 

Sourdough Crackers - naturally leavened crackers with olives, herbs and sesame seeds (Vegan) 

Rugelach - filled pastry, originating in the Jewish community of Poland, a 'cousin" of the French Croissant with various fillings.

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