Brown Sugar Meringues with Lemon Curd & Strawberry Compote




2 Egg Whites (Agreeable Nature)

½ c Brown Sugar


Lemon Curd

2 Eggs (Agreeable Nature)

2 Egg Yolks (Agreeable Nature)

80gm Butter

2 Lemons juice and zest


Strawberry Compote

1 kg Strawberries – frozen (Caithness Farm)

½ c Sugar

½ Lemon juiced



 Heat Oven to 120°C.

Line a baking sheet.

Beat egg whites until stiff, but not dry.

Gradually add the sugar and beat well.

Put teaspoonfuls of meringue onto the lined tray.

Bake until the meringues are dry but not too coloured.


Lemon Curd

Whisk eggs, yolks and sugar in a saucepan until smooth.

Place over a low heat.

Add the butter, juice and zest and stir continuously until thickened.


Strawberry Compote

Place the frozen strawberries into a preheated heavy based pan

Add in the sugar and carefully mix through.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes.

Add the lemon juice.


Recipes from Andrea Reid-Wilson.


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