Catlins Kitchen

Debs Caitlins Kitchen Pix.jpg A smorgasbord of dips, spreads, and pates as well as vegetable chips and pastry straws made from scratch.

Everything they do is homemade and handmade, giving a true taste of a cottage kitchen, garden, and the Catlins.  From their own garden the freshest veggies, leaves and herbs along with foraged treats from the natural larder that is the Catlins.  They use traditional techniques to create delicious, healthy, natural flavours for people to share and enjoy.  You will find Debs with her artisan goods up on the platform alongside her husband Toby with his Catlins True Brew stall complimenting each others unique products nicely.  

Debs and Toby Bennett live in a remote part of the beautiful Catlins. They bring the flavour of the Catlins to the market with everything they produce.

The Catlins Kitchen is Deb’s baby. She makes everything from scratch using produce from her garden, foraged treats from the natural larder surrounding her and other Otago produce from the farmers market where possible.

Debs uses traditional techniques to create delicious, healthy, natural flavours in her modern take on chips and dips. Her ethos is about the sharing of food with family and friends on the deck, at the crib, at the market as customers walk around or even in front of the telly enjoying relaxing.

They want to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. That means they use no chemical sprays or treatments in the garden. Water comes from the sky and local sheep poo, seaweed tea and homemade rhubarb leaf pest repellent are all that they use to feed and maintain health in the garden.

Debs also extends this ethos to include the most sustainable, bio-degradable packaging that she can find. She is also super happy for people to bring their own clean vessels to fill.

Every week Debs makes, totally from scratch, all the delicious array of chips and dips you see. She makes a wide range of root vegetable chips and a selection of amazing dips, ranging from a pate that is to die for, to salsa in season and a taramasalata that makes the taste buds trill. She also does a very moreish range of crackers and pastry straws


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