Catlins True Brew - Eco Rainwater Nano Brewery

Toby Profile.jpg Catlins True Brew: It’s all about nature at its beer crafted from Catlins rainwater using no gimmicks or shortcuts.

This is the first true eco brewery in the country. It is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. All Toby’s brews celebrate Mother Nature using the traditional brewing cycle with absolutely no commercial shortcuts or artificial additives. Filtered rainwater, recycled bread from local bakers, hops from Nelson and fruit from the garden or foraged in season are all that goes into this beer.

Toby has vast experience brewing and selling beer, both in the Coromandel and Oamaru but also from his home land in the UK.

His beers are all vegan as he doesn’t use finings made from fish bones or gelatine to clear the beer which is often standard practise to speed up the brewing process. He lets the beer do its thing adding a small amount of seaweed to the boil.

The beers are all unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally conditioned and carbonated with no added artificial CO2 ensuring that the natural flavours shine through. Toby has reduced the amount of water needed to brew by about half using innovative and traditional methods.

Toby Bennett & his wife Debs work alongside each other at the market with Debs company Catlin's Kitchen sitting alongside Catlins True Brew up on the platform.  Debs uses traditional techniques to create delicious, healthy, natural flavours in her modern take on chips, dips & pate, etc.  The two of them are a one stop shop at the market for dips and chips and beer. Happy hour sorted!

Naturally conditioned with no filtering or pasteurisation. They don’t add CO2, or use finings or prime the beer, just letting mother nature do her beautiful thing! So yes it is vegan too! They also use recycled artisan bread in the mash which would otherwise have been thrown away.
No chemicals are added to the water or to clean and no solvents or labels.  
Everything is done by hand and they bottle cask and keg conditioned beer by gravity.

Catlins True Brew. Rainwater craft beer from the heart of the stunning Catlins. Naturally conditioned and vegan. Proper eco ale for sale exclusively at the Otago Farmer's market.

Toby would love you to return the rather natty 750ml flip tops get a discount off your next one.

They are all about recycling, our environment and celebrating and championing the amazing Catlins.



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