Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies



1 cup hazelnut flour (Hazelnut Estate)

Handful whole roasted hazelnuts (Hazelnut Estate)

2 cups icing sugar

1/2 cup Dutch Cocoa (good quality cocoa)

Pinch salt

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips 

3 egg whites (Agreeable Nature)

1 tsp Vanilla essence


Preheat oven 160degreesC.

Put all dry Ingredients in a bowl, mix the egg whites and vanilla essence, then add to the dry ingredients, mix well - it will be a wet sticky mixture.

Scoop tablespoons of the mixture, roll into balls and place on a baking tray that is covered in baking paper.

Space well - 5cm apart, they will spread out when cooking.  Leave out on the tray for about 20mins so they can form a skin on the surface.

Bake 15mins, allow to cool on the tray when cooked.

They are great served with ice cream sandwiched between two cookies.


This week’s chef:  Elizabeth Marshall


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