Chopped Butchery

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Chopped Butchery.jpg A family owned and operated nose to tail butchery.

Chopped Butchery is a partnership between two brothers. Eddie, the butcher and Adam, the farmer. 

Boutique farm butchery.
Heritage Breeds.
100% Family owned and operated.

We are a whole beast butchery, meaning we only get in whole animals. No vacuum packed meat from the meat works. Our animals are all full blood heritage breeds. Galloway cattle and Wiltshire or Southdown lamb. The Cottles in St Andrews do all our free range pigs for us. We offer a very real farm gate to plate product.

The vision behind our business is to do the right thing...

For our customers - Top quality meat at the best price we can offer

For our suppliers - A fair, consistent income stream higher than they can achieve elsewhere

For our animals - Only the best treatment that we can provide for the time we have them

For our environment - Farming and business practices that limit our impact on the environment 


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