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Chris Baker has been making coffee for 21 years and has been a fixture on the Dunedin coffee scene all of that time. Chris started his working life as a mechanic but after a couple of redundancies left him wondering what on earth he was going to do, he got hooked on the coffee bug.

Wellington was really the hub of espresso in the 1990’s but Allpress started roasting in Auckland and by the beginning of this century espresso coffee was really starting to become widespread. Chris had been a Bushells Gold instant coffee drinker but once he had had a taste of a well-made espresso coffee he was hooked and never looked back.

By chance Chris acquired a cart that fitted into the heritage precinct guidelines to enable him to trade out of the historic exchange area in Dunedin. That cart still spends most of it’s life at the Exchange serving up great coffee to many regulars every week day. Before long another coffee trailer was commissioned enabling the Baker family to spread further afield and attend events, something they still do with a focus on A & P shows, Christchurch south.

Chris started at the farmers market as one of the inaugural vendors and has traded there ever since.

He has always used Allpress coffee and has a good relationship with the mother company. Allpress offer training for new baristas thus ensuring consistency of brews.

This is really a family business, with wife Kerry helping out and the couple’s three sons all working in the business from the age of 14. Chris reckons this was a great way for the boys to learn how to interact with the public and they have now all gone on to work in sales or coffee roasting and training.

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03 482 2602

027 304 2059

Chris & Kerry Baker 22 Thornicroft Road RD 2 Waitati Dunedin

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