Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Bites with Smoky Tomato Jam

Meat , Sauces / Marinades , Poultry


Marinade Ingredients:
½ cup buttermilk
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ - ½ tsp chilli powder (depending on how hot you want it!)
1 tsp paprika
400g chicken thigh, skinless and boneless

Crumb Ingredients:
1 cup flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp buttermilk

1 Jar of Smokey Tomato Jam from Wild Smokehouse to serve


Cut the chicken thigh in to bite size pieces and place in a bowl with all of the marinade ingredients. Mix well and refrigerate for 3-4 hours before continuing to next step. Heat a pot of oil on the stove or use a small deep fryer if you have one and heat the oil to 175 degrees. Remove the marinated chicken from the fridge. In a bowl mix together the crumb ingredients. Add the marinated chicken, a few pieces at a time to the crumb mix and coat well. Once all of the chicken is crumbed you can start to fry it. Fry the chicken until it is golden brown and then place on paper towels to absorb any excess liquid. Check the chicken is cooked all the way through. If need be you can always finish cooking in a hot oven but you should be able to cook the whole way through in the oil unless you have it too hot. Serve the chicken bites straight away with Wild Smokehouse’s Smoky Tomato Jam.


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