Fancy Cheese Scones

Baking , Vegetarian , Breakfast


30g butter
45g grated Ruby Bay cheese (Evansdale Cheese)
1 pinch each cayenne powder and mustard powder
1T flour
1 egg (Agreeable Nature)

250g flour
4 tsp baking powder
50g butter
½ cup grated Ruby Bay cheese (Evansdale Cheese)
½ cup parsley chopped
¼ onion cut very finely
150~170ml milk


Pre-heat oven 220C.


  1. Melt the butter and then remove from heat.
  2. Add the cheese, dry ingredients and mix then beat the egg and add it.
  3. Place in a bowl of cold water to cool it.


  1. Cut butter and cheese into flour and baking powder using a food processor (or grate the cheese and rub in the butter by hand).
  2. Put above into a bowl and add onion and parsley and mix.
  3. Make a well and pour in milk, start with the lesser amount and add more only if needed.
  4. Cut milk in using a blunt knife.
  5. Only just mix it until no dry flour is visible.
  6. Tip out onto a floured board.
  7. Press into a square and spread the cooled topping over.
  8. Cut into 8~12 squares.
  9. Cook for about 12~14 minutes ,on a rack near the top of the oven (but check from eight minutes on).


If you would like to download a printable version of this recipe, please click here


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