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At Ginger Fox Foods we have a comfortable obsession with wholesome food. In Dunedin, New Zealand, we make delicious unique peanut butters which are fortified with nutrient dense whole food ingredients. We are doing something different like no others. POW! Mission statement!
Why another peanut butter? We have deep passion for delicious food, health and nutrition. Young or old, having a healthy body and enjoying your food is imperative for longevity and wellness. Peanut butter is a vehicle we think can carry more nutrients for your body. Using hi-oleic and red skin peanuts and extra virgin olive oil - used in all our peanut butters - are nourishing known antioxidant promoting ingredients on their own, but additional ingredients used to create the unique flavours are also carefully selected for the same reasons. More enriching health benefits, you can enjoy each day, and your body will be pleased about. Vegetables, ginger, buckwheat, cinammon, banana and whole grains, seeds - we're certain we have a flavour for everyone!
We continually strive to source local, bringing our supply chain closer to Dunedin whenever we can. To be sustainable, reduce the carbon footprint used to create our food and the energy incumbent in creating packing and freight distribution is something we’ll always be refining.
We hope you enjoy our products, endorse what we are trying to do and join us on our journey. Do drop by the market for a taste and we look forward to meeting you.
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