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Ash and Trailer.jpg Ash Cumberbeach had spent about 15 years in the hospitality industry before striking out on her own with her customised coffee cart a while back. Her parents were big fans of Fat Cat Coffee from way back in the day so it was a natural choice of locally roasted beans for her to opt for. Nothing tastes as good as those Fat Cat beans.

While Fat Cat beans are now roasted on the West Coast of the South Island, rather than at Outram, they arrive with Ash the day after they are roasted and are superbly fresh and aromatic. Keeping it local is important to this vendor, fresh is best and she likes knowing the people behind the products she uses.
She uses Anchor milk because they repurpose their plastic bottles and all her non-dairy mylks use recyclable containers. Ash offers a loyalty card and 50c off each coffee in a keep cup. The spent coffee grinds end up in people’s gardens, first in first served!
Gud Coffee now do cash out with a coffee. They sell Fat Cat beans to take home and enjoy and every Saturday sees them caffeinating many regular market attendees.

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027 857 2914

Ash Cumberbeach 212 Helensburgh Road Wakari, Dunedin 9010

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