Hazelnut Estate

Hazelnut Estate vendor pix.jpg Hazelnut Estate is a family owned business with a mission to supply premium hazelnuts.

Our hazelnuts are grown & processed onsite at our Taieri Plains property.  Having control over step of the growing, harvesting & processing stages ensures we supply top quality hazelnuts to our customers.  

Whitehart are the main variety of nuts we grow.  They are packed full of flavour & nutritional goodness.  Our nuts can be eaten áu naturel' or you may prefer our batch roasted nuts.  They are rich in fibre & a great source of many vitamins & minerals, making them an excellent choice to include in a healthy diet.  Hazelnuts are a truly versatile nut, they make a tasty snack, can be added to salads, stuffings, pesto's, as well as being a key ingredient in many baked goods.  

Owned & grown by Janine & Roger Southby. 


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