Herby potato salad



Six large potatoes, washed and cubed to ½ inch (Caithness Farm)
½ onion, or two spring onions, grated or minced (Janefield Hydroponics)
1 cup fresh soft herbs, including dill and parsley, chopped (Waewae Permaculture)
¼ cup mayonnaise (Catlins Kitchen)
¼ cup sour cream
Salt and pepper


Cut your potatoes in half inch cubes, leave the skins on. Boil in salted water until only just al dente and then drain and plunge into plenty of iced water. Drain again.
Combine all your dressing ingredients in the bottom of a large bowl. Stir through your cut herbs. Tumble in your well dried potatoes and toss. Refrigerate before serving.


This fresh potato salad will take your ribs from starter to a light meal. It’s bright and breezy profile contrasts the dark and broody character of the ribs in a perfect partnership.


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