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Miri Douglas came to New Zealand 17 years ago. She bought her business from the original owners who had been trading at the farmers market since 2004 but were keen to return to their home land. While her product range is small everything is made with love and special care and is part of her Middle Eastern heritage.

Miri is vegetarian herself and knows the difficulty of finding vegetarian food which is healthy and tasty. She is always happy to explain the benefits of having a vegetarian meal each week and what to look for in terms of nutritional needs. Jacob's Dream products are all made from scratch, based on natural ingredients. They have no added oil or sugar, and are  high in Protein, Iron,  Fibre and Calcium as well as being Gluten-Free and Vegan. 

She developed her falafel mix with less salt and a little less spice so that it was more attractive to children. Getting a consistent falafel mix with the right degree of moisture that doesn’t crumble is a skill that everyone who has tried to make falafel from scratch can attest to!

Miri makes all of her products in a registered kitchen in south Dunedin. Everything is strictly vegan and gluten free, with sesame being the only possible allergen. She has three types of hummus available each week - original, extra garlic and the most popular one is the Aslee (extra Tahini Hummus). They all stand up to Middle Eastern standards by having more than 40% Tahini. Store brought Hummus has only 6% Tahini or less. The difference in the taste and nutritional value is outstanding.

She is highly conscious of maintaining a scrupulously hygienic process and avoiding any form of cross contamination. To this end she cannot reuse her plastic containers but is happy for customers to bring their own glass containers once week, she takes them away and sterilises them before filling with product, and bringing back to the customer the following week.

In summer her homemade lemonade really hits the spot with thirsty market attendees.

We could tell how proud Miri is for being able to provide food which is safe for most people. Having a vegan son with plenty of food allergies made her highly conscious about different dietary needs. Hearing from costumers every single week how pleased and grateful they are to have her products makes all the hard work worthwhile. She loves her job!

Miri has an A grade status with environmental health.

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Miri and Manu Douglas Otakou RD 2 Dunedin


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