Jersey Benne and Asparagus Salad



1 kg Jersey Benne Potatoes – washed (Oamaru Organics)

500gm   Asparagus – cleaned and trimmed (Palmerston Asparagus)

1 Red Onion – finely sliced


Herbed Mayonnaise

6 Egg Yolks (Agreeable Nature)

1 Tbsp Seeded Mustard

10ml Worcestershire Sauce

30ml Cider Vinegar

500ml Rice Bran Oil

500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1c Fresh Herbs

Salt and Pepper


Cook the potatoes until just tender in plenty of salted boiling water.

Blanch the asparagus in well salted boiling water then refresh.

Cut the cooked and cooled potatoes into bite size pieces.

Mix the warm potatoes carefully in enough herbed mayonnaise to coat.

Assemble the potatoes onto a serving plate.

Scatter over the blanched asparagus and finely sliced red onion.

Drizzle extra herbed mayonnaise over (see recipe below). 

Salad can be served warm or cold.


Herbed Mayonnaise

Into a food processor, place the yolks, mustard, worcestershire sauce, and vinegar.

Whiz until frothy.

Slowly drizzle in the oils.

Add in the herbs and whiz again.

Season with salt and pepper.


Recipe from Andrea Reid-Wilson.  


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