Jia He Asian Food Manufacturer

Ready to Eat , Added Value , Artisan

Jai he.jpg Tofu, sprouts, dumplings

Alan and Annie came from China 8 years ago and now own and operate a bustling, busy food factory producing a lot of the city’s tofu and bean sprouts. The factory is large and recently modernised.

The week is spent making tofu, dumplings and steamed buns and sprouting mung and soya beans They also deliver to many specialty grocery shops, Chinese restaurants and Pak n Save. The soya beans they use to make the tofu are from Canada.

With just this industrious couple and one other staff member they play a very important part in Dunedin’s local, Asian food scene and work extremely hard.

Contact Details

03 453 5288


Yan Rong Lin 6 Mailer Street, Dunedin


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