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Bronwen Davies and Graeme Fyfe are as colourful as the yummy juices they make every Saturday at the market. Their sense of fun, controlled chaos and chirpy banter ensure that their customers get both an interactive experience and a powerhouse pick me up.

Bronwen is a familiar face at the market as she worked for previous juice entity, Nectar Delight. It seemed like a natural progression for her to pick up the mantle from them and thus Juiced Up was created.

Many of the ingredients used in their juices are sourced from the market thus keeping it fresh and local and supporting other produce vendors. They use no ice or dairy in their recipes, thereby ensuring  it is all JUICE! The fibre left over from extracting the juice goes to Agreeable Nature who feed it to their chickens. A wonderful circular system.

Bronwen has been working for OUSA for many years, helping provide students with $3 lunches and free breakfasts.  Prior to this she was a fashion designer with a successful label stocked the length of the country with a retail outlet in Moray Place. She was a pivotal leader in getting Fashion ID up and running with a little help from her Olympian father who helped her connect to the right people for financial support.

Graeme is a bass guitarist playing music around the country with a number of bands. But on Saturday morning you will find them both at the market.

Contact Details

03 473 8388

021 186 8965


18 Dover Street Liberton Dunedin

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