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LIttle Yen Van 2.jpg Bringing Taiwanese street food to Dunedin!

Having grown up on the hustling and bustling streets of central Taipei city, Yen is no stranger to the tastes and sounds of the local street market. In 2020, She decided to team up with her partner Charles to spice up Dunedin with Taiwanese street food. With both their mix of Asian and European culinary experiences, Little Yen’s brings you one-of-a-kind exotic food experiences.

Little Yen's star offering is the most iconic of Taiwan’s street food, Gua Bao - a mouthwatering delight that combines the softest steamed buns with a range of delectable fillings: 

  • Braised Beef Bao: Tender, succulent beef, braised to perfection and infused with a savory blend of Taiwanese spices, is encased in our fluffy buns. It's a taste of Taiwan's culinary soul.
  • Popcorn Chicken Bao: Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, our popcorn chicken is a flavor explosion. Bite into this Taiwanese favorite wrapped in our soft buns, and you'll understand why it's a street food sensation.
  • Tofu Bao: Indulge in our vegetarian delight that's both flavorful and satisfying. Crispy tofu, lovingly dipped in our homemade sticky honey soy sauce, finds its cozy spot within our pillowy buns.

Enhance your meal with our indulgent Brown Sugar Latte, a velvety blend crafted from locally brewed coffee beans, creamy whole milk, and a hint of Taiwan's renowned brown sugar for that perfect touch of sweetness.

We enjoy contributing to the Dunedin community and source the majority of our ingredients from local suppliers: Webbers Gourmet Chicken, Holy Cow, Brightside Gourmet Food, Janefield, Bennie's Honey, Catlins Kitchen, Harpoon Cold Brew.

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