Love and Cake

Added Value

thumbnail_IMG_20200222_073905.jpg All you need is love and cake! Cakes. Confections. Allergy Friendly.

Emily Jory is a young woman on a mission to bring more love into the world by making joyous sweet creations that people will share and bond over. She has a considerable talent for making visually stunning sweet treats that are hard to resist.

Emily has a passion for both baking and the arts. She combined these passions through undertaking significant academic pursuits culminating in a Masters in Design – focusing on how food can be used as a medium for artistic expression.

Emily has worked with many of Dunedin’s finest chefs and bakers. Most recently she was Head Chef at the Kind Grocer where she became more and more familiar with vegan and allergy friendly cooking. In any one week up to half her orders may be vegan and or allergy friendly.

Emily grew up baking with her Mum and her Aunty who was a chef. She always wanted to be a chef but not just a chef hence her foray into her own business.

Emil’s cakes and raw slices are very eye catching, talk about eye candy! She bakes Wednesday night and all day Thursday before decorating on Friday. Currently she is working out of the kitchen in her apartment which has some limitations in regard to space and access. Ideally, she would like a kitchen studio to work from.

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