My Farm Fresh

Primary Produce

my farm fresh.png Born from a desire to bring the freshest local produce direct to you, My Farm Fresh is a celebration of the humble grower — striving to produce the best asparugus in the most natural way possible. My Farm Fresh was seeded from an idea we always have had of developing our own business while positively impacting on the environment.

It didn’t matter to us at the time that we knew very little about growing asparagus. In fact any normal person would question why we would consider a crop that takes three years to produce! But as we, Dave and Bronwyn, decided - challenges are what get us up every morning and our lack of knowledge meant that we took the time to learn from some of the industry’s best to develop a unique system that fitted with our environmentally sustainable ethos and suited our land.

Looking after land that we had toiled so hard over the years to obtain is at the heart of what we do. Being based on the well-draining, fertile plains of Mid Canterbury means that water is at a premium, so how we use it is key.

Our fully-piped, underground irrigation system enables us to use water efficiently for optimum growth and nutrient control. All the irrigation to automated and recorded. We know in the blink of an eye.. or rather buzz of the phone… if there is too little or too much water going on at any one time to achieve fresh, crisp asparagus.


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