Our Food Network Harvest

25 January 2018

Neighbourhood Food Harvest is GO!

Our main project to harvest food by neighbours within Dunedin neighbourhoods is set to kick off with lots of delicious fruit being ready for the picking.
In previous years we have donated most of the fruit to Presbyterian Support Otago and this year we would like to also donate some to Malcam Trust to help with youth training programme of teaching young people how to use excess fruit.
If you are interested at all in volunteering to harvest or to donate your trees (and you have never been contacted by us before - meaning you are not on the list), then please get in touch asap.

Malcam Charitable Trust

Do you have any plums ready for harvesting and would to donate them to Malcam Trust?
The Malcam Trust is collecting up plums to run some "plum sauce" making workshops with Malcam Youth and Supergrans.  If you are interested or have a tree near you that you can donate please email with details.  Ideally we would like a phone number too.

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