Waste Less Living

15 September 2017

It is happening this Saturday!

we are so excited to get together and show off some great creative ways of reducing waste surrounding food and the market. It's really a necessity to visit the market this week and get inspired.

So, whats going on?

Bees Wax Wraps:
The kitchen has been taken over this week by the creation of bees wax wraps.
This week there will be no recipes and no chef, Adam will be back next week with a tasty selection.
This week in light of the Waste Less Living day we will be making bees wax wraps.
check out the recipe and pop on down to the kitchen on Saturday to see a demonstration

T-Shirt Bags:
Got an old t-shirt that needs a new life or one your'e never going to wear? Why not turn it into a shopping/produce bag!
There will be a stall at the market for you to come and learn how to make them with a bunch of t-shirts kindly donated by the Hospice Shop and Shop on Carroll.

Coffee Cup Library:
We will be establishing a coffee cup library for those who come to the market with out their own, rather than using a disposable cup why not use a cup from the library.

Disposable Cup Seedlings:
We have been collecting all the disposable cups used at the market and the wonderful folks at Youth Grow have grown some seedlings to be planted in them with coffee grounds and YouthGrow compost. yYu can add it to your little garden on the windowsill or pop it straight into the veggie patch.

Community Groups:
Bags for Good
Love Food Hate Waste

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