This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

11th June 2020

Hi there


Woohoo! Level 1 has arrived and with it the market resumes a closer shade of normal. There will be tastings, music, tables and chairs and by next week the market chef will be back in action. And it gets better folks, the town will be humming with visitors for the rugby, the sun looks like it will be shining and most vendors will be present. This is the week we have been waiting for and it is looking like we have alignment!

Each entrance will have 3 different QR codes for you to select which one you are using and to maintain your personal digital diary. We will not be manually taking contact details. There will be hand sanitiser around the place and the tables and chairs will have disinfectant for you to use to wipe tops down as you see fit.

The coffee cup library will be back in action and we urge you to bring your keep cups, bags and all your other props to ensure we limit waste at the market. Single use anything is really no longer acceptable in our society. 

See you Saturday


General Manager


This Week in the kitchen

Still delving into our recipe archives, we really are looking forward to having Jamalia back in the market kitchen from next week now that we are at level one!   Looking forward to seeing what has inspired her in the kitchen over lock-down with her young family.  But this week it's definitely hearty porridge weather, in a city that was built on this Scottish breakfast staple.  Make it with Willowbrook, Rosedale or Earnscleugh Orchard apples & Harraways oats & it doesn't get more 'supporting local' than that in a bowl!

And with all those great value pumpkins at the market from Ettrick Gardens, Rosedale Orchards, etc why not make easy pumpkin fritters with a bunch of Janefield Hydroponics coriander, perfect for lunch, dinner or even breakfast with a poached egg on top.  



View Recipe


View Recipe

Butlers Berries are Back at the Market this Weekend

Butler's Berry Farm Logo

Butlers are back at the market this weekend - which means plenty of their freshly made delicious berry jams for your toast, tarts & baking & frozen berries as well.  Vitamin C hits all round!  


Catlins True Brew Bottle Returns!

Catlins True Brew Beer Display ex their FB pg.jpg

Anyone with empty bottles from Catlins True Brew could you please return them if you aren't using them.  Toby’s stockpile is getting low, as his supplier of unique brown bottles has burnt down & the new supplier will not have them here till October. 

It will be much appreciated!  Thanking you. He will be at the market this weekend & beyond…


Waikouaiti Gardens are Back this Week.

Waikouaiti Gardens.jpg

Lynley & Mark look forward to seeing you at the Market this Saturday. 

They have a good selection of winter vegetable seedlings available for planting now if you haven’t done so!!

Other FRESH season veges also available along with green tomatoes. 




My aim is to bring some seasonal products onto your plate following the Otago Farmers market produce and along the way offer you some unique tastes!

Specials this Week:


*Organic Sauerkraut with onion & garlic

*Organic Sauerkraut with just cabbage

*Organic Kimchi (mild, medium & hot)

*Cabbage, #carrot, #beeetroot, #radish, #new onion, basil & mustard seed

#Daikon, capsicum, # beetroot & garlic

*Cabbage, #fennel, pumpkin, corn, #turnip, #radish, onion, garlic, ginger & turmeric

          * organic   # spray free 

ORGANIC FRESH TEMPEH: Pinto Bean, Quinoa & Black Sesame


Tempeh is a traditional fermented food from Indonesia and is originally made of fermented soybeans.

Mine is made with all sorts of beans, grains and seed (organic, gluten and soy free), every week it is a different mix.

There is so many options you can cook and use it: steamed, deep-fried, pan-fried, stir-fried, boiled…..

You can put it in salads, kebabs, soups, stew, bolognese………


 Rhubarb & Apple, Plum, Apricot, Gooseberry, Peach, Feijoa & Apple, Quince.

 Marie’s fruit CHUTNEY $ 6 for a jar of 270gm

 “ many thanks to all the people who returned the jars to me, you make my work so much easier”.


Dunford Grove

Dunford Grove .jpeg

Thought we'd look at the processing, it's pretty cramped so hard to get it all in a single photo! 

Here's the first three of six stages:  In front fruit receiving, here olives are loaded from the bulk bins and an elevator conveyor takes them up to de-leafing.  The olives carry on to washing and the leaves are carried away via ducting to a bin for spreading out back under the trees.

Back right is the wash and between you'll see the elevating auger feeding the wash.  I'll show you more next week.

Did you know?

If the fruit gets frosted there's no chance of good oil, fortunately the oil content acts as an anti-freeze, good for down to about -2-3 C.  But below this it's all over!



March 23rd 2019.jpg

Heading towards the shortest day.  No rain forecast for this Saturday.

Let's enjoy our freedom by sharing our joy for life in Aotearoa.

Below is the inspiration for Saturday.

Wishing you a great day.






Butterscotch Sauce
Poached Apple & Blueberry

with confectioner’s custard
Or with whipped cream 





With Cheese or Hummus

And with Salad & Dressing OR Egg 


Kapowai Brewing Co

Kitchen-Experiments kapowai .png

Remember to bring your bottles because REFILLS ARE BACK at the market this weekend! Heidi has been experimenting in the kitchen so we’ll have a bunch of interesting seasonal flavours rolling out over the next few weeks. 

This Saturday your on-tap options will be:

  • Quince and Chilli 
  • Elderflower 

Come and find us in our NEW LOCATION up on the platform where we will hanging out until Spring.


Ferry - Portobello / Port Chalmers to the Otago Farmers Market.

port to port ad.jpg

From NZD$30.00

  • Duration:  3 Hours (approx)
  • Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Product Code:  Farmers

Get your family or friends together for a beautiful start to your weekend!

The Otago Farmers Market has a variety of local produce that attracts people from all over Dunedin, Otago and New Zealand!

Arrive by ferry! Grab some groceries, stay for a coffee and then re-board 2 hours later with your local goodies.

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate available onboard. BYO cup for a discount.

Ferry transfers from Portobello and Back Beach, Port Chalmers, to Steamer Basin.

Or make it a one-way trip to Dunedin with your bike. Then cycle the harbour cycle trail!

Bicycles can be taken cost from $5 to $10 per bike, each way.

Drop off / pick back up is at Steamer Basin, Dunedin, a 10 minute walk to and from the Otago Farmers Market at the railway station.

Departs Port Chalmers at 8am, Portobello at 8:15am and arrives at Steamer Basin at approx 8:50am.

Re-boarding at 11:30am to return.

If only going one way, please specify in booking notes, where you will be joining the vessel from.

Cancellation policies apply.

Bookings – Ph: 020 4162 4250

Port to Port Cruises


Locavore Boxes

locovores 2.jpg

If you can't make it to the Otago Farmers Market on a Saturday morning for whatever reason & you are still keen to support local growers and makers, and here’s a way you can do that: 

Locavore Boxes include produce from a number of Farmers Market growers and producers in their boxes: veg from Oamaru Organics, Janefield Hydroponics, Caithness Farm,  Wairuna Organics, bread from Gilbert’s, dairy produce from Holy Cow, Kombucha from Kapowai, eggs from Agreeable Nature, fruit and veg from Rosedale Orchard. They also source from other local producers not found at the market: BL Beekeeping (based on the Taieri), Roastery Door coffee from South Dunedin, Vern Paddock Produce from Mihiwaka.  That means you can still support your local growers, buying locally grown /produced food - with the added bonus of having it delivered to your door! Check their website -


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