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Become a Localvore!

11th October 2018

Hi there


Brrr this cold snap is a sharp reminder not to get too carried away on the gardening front until Labour weekend. Small, tender seedlings will get pulled up short and trembling but by next week the temperatures are again hitting the top teens. And then it will be tomato planting time! There are so many varieties to choose from, most of us have our favourites, but I do urge you to try some of the coloured ones as they look delightful in a salad and are usually very sweet to boot.

From time to time we feel the need to remind people of the principles of shopping at our farmers market.

Top tips for Newcomers to the Farmer’s Market

Locals always seem to know exactly where to go and what to buy, and seem to possess some kind of secret, cult-like knowledge of seasonal favourites and exclusive deals.

The reality is this: Farmers market fans can indeed be fanatical but the farmers themselves couldn't be more friendly and welcoming. Here are some top tips for fitting in at the farmers market and getting the most from being a localvore.

  • Arrive in plenty of time
  • BYOB (bring your own bags!) although we do sell a very practical, hard wearing shopping bags and small inexpensive produce bags and have bags you can borrow should you forget yours!
  • BYOC (bring your own cup) and for that matter other containers that you can put cheese and other yummy things in.
  • Buy staples - you can do your weekly shop
  • Ask questions of the vendors and market staff
  • Bring plenty of cash - some of the vendors do have EFTPOS but cash is king!
  • Don’t just focus on fruit and veg
  • Don’t forget meat, fish, dairy, eggs, milk and bread
  • Don’t try to negotiate
  • Shop around and buy something new and different every week.
  • Check out what’s cooking in the market kitchen and get inspired to try something new


See you Saturday






This Week in the kitchen

It’s our new chef Narelle first solo week at the market and she is delighting us with some lovely recipes both for your Saturday get togethers and the Sunday lunch salad like the Microgreen Salad with Orange Vinaigrette. Pop on down to the kitchen, make her feel welcome and give the recipes’ a try!

Click here to get a printable copy.

Sprouted Broccoli & Spinach Quinoa Salad

Produce from The Port Larder Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe

Microgreen Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

Produce from

View Recipe

Sticky Harissa Chicken

Produce from Dunedin Poultry Ltd. The Port Larder Blueskin Bay Honey

View Recipe

Spicy Harissa Dip

Produce from The Port Larder

View Recipe

Spicy Radish Microgreen Hummus

View Recipe

From Dunford Grove


Pruning all over!  The first year we were on the grove we put all the prunings through a hand fed chipper, finally got finished the week before Christmas- never again.  Now, with an obliging neighbour, and some handy gear it's all over in a couple of hours!

Did you know?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil beats butter for healthy gut microbiome!  A new Spanish research project has proven that a diet high in EVOO has a positive impact on the gut microbiome, particularly compared with a diet high in butter.  Published in the journal PLoS ONE, the study builds on existing knowledge that dietary fat intake plays an important role in determining cardiovascular risk, the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and to strongly influence the population of micro organisms in the stomach.


Kapowai Brewing Co.


Farmers Market Special

This week's special is Orange, Fennel & Ginger Kombucha. On its own, kombucha contains probiotics and organic acids that aid digestion. Ginger and fennel have also been traditionally used for digestive support. 

We've infused an oolong kombucha base with orange peel, fennel seeds and crystallised ginger to bring you a fantastic digestive tonic with sweet citrus notes and a smooth licorice finish.

Kombucha On Tap

We're changing our tap kombucha offering a little this week - we'll have Reishi Chai, by popular request, and Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric for you. You can bring along any bottle/vessel to fill - it doesn't have to be one of ours. Just make sure to have it weighed before filling.

See you on Saturday!

Heidi & Dave


La Crepe Specials


Jam Of The Day : Blackcurrant $6

Sweet Crepe: Apple & Blueberry Delicacy

Butterscotch Sauce, Poached Apple & Blueberries, With Confectioner’s Custard $10.50, Or With Whipped Cream $10


Savoury Crepe: Seasonal Vegetables With Asian Curry &  Coconut Cream (Vegan)

Or Roasted Pumpkin & Onion With Or Without Feta (Vegan-Vegetarian), Or Caramelised Havoc Pork With Organic Cauliflower Japanese Style (Ginger, Garlic And Tamari Sauce)

With Cheese Or Hummus, And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg  $10.50


Otago Organics at the Market for this Saturday

Edable Salad.jpg

There will be Globe Artichokes, along with our ever popular “Taste Sensation” salad bags with Edible flowers. We will also have Fresh Herb Bunches and  Dried Herb Packs and a selection of our Herbal Teas. We will also have, in limited supply,  $2.00 bunches of both Chard and Kale and $3.00 packs of Puha ( a new product for us). In limited supply also will be our Victoria Rhubarb. This is the small but beautiful, tasty variety, that keeps its colour and shape when cooked.

Tiger Worms for all composting systems. Order them when you see us at the market or contact us to place your order through our Kanuka Organics Facebook page . We package these in recycled 2L ice-cream boxes, which hold about 1000 worms, for a cost of $10.00 per pack. You can return those boxes to us for reuse and we also welcome donations of used ice-cream boxes.


Selwyn Shanks


Selwyn Shanks is back at the market this week sharpening all your pruning tools and firewood cutting tools, as well as scissors, knives and other everyday tools.

He will not be there in November so don't put it off!

Just visit his stall at the north end of the platform. Please be mindful how you transport your sharp objects.


Ettrick Gardens


New This Week

Lettuce And Parsley


Royal Gala, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady, Braeburn, Granny Smith & Sturmer Apples.

Please Note, We Do Not Export, So We Use Less Sprays. We Have Reusable Net Produce Bags Available To Buy So You Do Not Have To Use Plastic Bags. 3 Sizes Available, Only $2 Each. Check Out Our Reuseable “Strawberry” Shopping Bags. They Make Great Gifts!


Agria, Red Fantasy, Heather, Highlander, Jelly & Anushka Potatoes: Anushka Is A Great General Purpose Potato. Little Bit Floury But  Won’t Break Up When You Boil Them, But Mash Beautifully Also Great For Roasting Or Chipping. They Stay Chunky In Your Stews And Chowders. Great Flavour.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Celeriac , Cauliflower, Silverbeet, Kale, Coloured Carrots, Leeks, Carrots, Gourmet Washed Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes, & Flowers.

Super Special’s This Week

Potatoes 5kg @ $6 (7 Varieties), Tulips $3 “Or” 2 For $5, Cauliflower $3.50 Each, Sprouting Broccoli $2.50 “Or” 2 For $4.

Please Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags Or Boxes With You. Thank You! We Are Now Single Use Shopping Bag Free. Check Out Our Range Of Reusable Bags


Pink Ribbon Appeal this Week!

Pink Ribbon Appeal.png

This week we have the Pink Ribbon Appeal collecting at the market for breast cancer awareness and support.  Keep an eye out for them and share the love!

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