This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

12th December 2019

Hi there


Cherries galore at the market this week, and the first of the season’s apricots. There is a rumour that there might be some new season garlic too, a personal favourite of mine. Certainly Wes from Te Mahanga will be back and with him comes garlic!!

Remember our EXTRA Christmas market on Tuesday 24th December, starting at 6.30am and finishing by 10.30am.

This week will see Oamaru Organics move up to 4 sites. Read below a report from our recent visit there.

It was with real pleasure and much anticipation that we drove up to visit with the crew at Oamaru Organics to meet James, one of the new owners and to see the changes and improvements Nigel had made in the 6 months since the business changed hands.

Oamaru Organics (previously Brydone Growers) are a highly valued market vendor. The business went on the market a year or two back and we were all nervous about the potential of losing them from the market. Fortunately others saw the potential in continuing to grow, high quality certified organic vegetables and actually in fact have plans to improve the distribution of not only certified organic vegetables but other organic products as well.

James Porteous, Marc Lanson and Nigel Clarke are co-owners of Oamaru Organics. James lives in Cromwell and has several organic Thai restaurants. He believes in convenient, heathy, delivered to your door food. He has a fleet of electric vehicles doing home deliveries and runs a chilled truck from Oamaru Organics to Central Otago with organic vegetables, organic milk and organic meats. He has a strong commitment to the land and has set up a large scale worm farm in Arrowtown that all his waste goes to. In order for other café and restaurant owners to buy organic vegetables from them they must commit their food waste to the worm farm. James has Turners and Growers in his sights to turn their waste into compost via a worm farm. It makes a ton of sense that if you want to rejuvenate the food cycle process you must increase the carbon in the soil.

Nigel has worked this large acreage of “totara tar” (volcanic soil, nutrient dense and geographically unique it imparts great flavour to vegetables) for many years and knows the land intimately. The Chinese first developed the land as market gardens and since 1999 it has had BioGrow status. The northerly facing aspect and gentle gradient means that the temperature can vary up to 5 degrees celsius from the bottom to the top of the property. As a consequence they can grow frost tender salad greens all year round. The fairly persistent easterly wind helps keeps bugs at bay.

Nigel’s philosophy revolves around maintaining healthy soil and irrigating when required and nature will take care of the rest. He practices crop rotation, in-situ composting and intersperses rotations with green, manure crops. Compost tea helps replenish the soil and keep up the biological activity.

Oamaru Organics is run over 60 hectares with about 45 in organic vegetables and another 15 in organic baleage. The certified organic supply chain really needs developing. If James wants 100% certified organic takeaway Thai food in his outlets then he has to provide full traceability including the food the animals eat. So far there is no organic pork in NZ, so guess what? Pork is off the menu! By growing animal food the organic way they are aiding other primary producers keen to be organic but struggling to find organic feed for animals.

It was such a treat to get the guided tour of the property. The soil was dark and friable and in various stages of cultivation. Jersey Benne potatoes were being harvested, spring cabbages looked lush, some ground was ready for planting, other plots were growing green crops to be dug in to nourish the soil.  The soil actually supports the vegetables to grow rather than being purely a medium to pump chemical fertilisers through to feed the growing plants.

A ton of hard work and a strong knowledge and skills base contributes to the success of this organic vegetable and baleage business. With the new business structure they have become NZ Gap certified. This along with the rigorous BioGrow audit ensures that best practice is maintained.

These three men are to be commended on having a vision to grow, sustain and nourish people and animals in the best possible way. They believe in organics and have committed to strengthening the organic supply chain and distribution network so that more people can benefit from an organic lifestyle.

See you Saturday


General Manager



This Week in the kitchen

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas when the trifle arrives!  Jamalia's take on this classic using our fabulous local fruit from our vendors along with delicious cream & milk from Holy Cow.  And a slab of her cauliflower steak sounds intriguing.  Hit her up at the market kitchen for cooking & healthy eating tips from 8am....

Cherry and Vanilla Trifle with Strawberries

Produce from Willowbrook Orchard Holy Cow Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics Gilbert's Fine Food Earnscleugh Orchard

View Recipe
cauli.jpg (1)

Cauliflower Steaks

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe
Thai Basil Chicken and Coconut Rice with Bok Choy.jpg

Thai Basil Chicken and Coconut Rice with Bok Choy

Produce from Webbers Gourmet Chicken Caithness Farm Ltd Rosedale Orchard

View Recipe
gooseberry fool.jpg

Gooseberry and Rhubarb Fool

Produce from Butler's Fruit Farm

View Recipe

Matheson & Roberts


Find bouquets full of Leith Valley field grown flowers, at the Matheson and Roberts stand. (We are under the emerald gazebo).


Who Ate All the Pies Market Specials

thumbnail_Steak & Kidney Heaven.jpg

Christmas Pie Flavours
Steak & Blue Cheese Family $18.  Single $5.50
Turkey & Bacon family $18.  Single $5.50
English Pork pies 3 for $11




We have a long history of sharing food - with children’s flats, friends who visit, total strangers! As our fruit trees and vegetable gardens get more established we have more to share while at the same time the children have moved away so we have fewer people to share it with… this is where the strangers come in.

Locavore Boxes is another way for us to share - working with other local growers and suppliers to bring you a box full of fresh local food, sustainably packaged.

We cater for special dietary requirements and even food preferences, and the boxes include recipes if you want them - largely plant-based. The boxes are wooden (made at Cargill Enterprises - thank you Brendan!) and packaging is recyclable - glass jars, paper and paper bags which we will pick up and take away the next time we visit.

You’ll recognise some of our suppliers from the Otago Farmer’s Market: Ettrick Gardens, Oamaru Organics, Janefield Hydroponics … in season we pick up lovely things from Palmerston Organics, Te Mahanga Orchard, Caithness Farm, Kakanui Produce and others. We also include produce from other local suppliers such as Roastery Door Coffee, Vern Paddock Project, Artisan Pantry and Taieri Honey… After some discussion with customers we also include citrus fruit from Gisborne through a contact with an orchardist up there. 

You can find out more on our website:

You can order directly from the website, or email us for more details at


Dunford Grove


Stuck for a gift idea?  Know a foodie?  Looking for something different as a stocking stuffer?  Here's some ideas starting from just $6!

Fantastic week in Central, raspberries are full on and we savoured the first cherries this morning!

Did you know?

Hazelnut is deciduous tree that belongs to the birch family.  Hazelnut is a monoecious plant which means that individual male and female flowers develop on the same tree. Male flowers are yellow catkins. Female flowers are tiny and red coloured.   All this and they're delicious too!



Pop Up Cropped.jpeg (1)


Organic Sauerkraut (Yellow Label)

Organic Mild Kimchi (Pink Label)

Organic Cabbage, Broccoli, Brocoflower & Ginger (Green Label)

Available at Oamaru Organics certified organic vegetables in a chill bin.


La Crepe Special 14th December 2019

La Crepe.jpg (1)

Jam of the Day:  Garden’s Blackcurrent $6 

The Creation: Lemon Curd or Passion Fruit with Low Sugar Hazelnut Meringue and Whipped Cream $8 

Strawberry Dream:

Strawberry Jam
Fresh Market Strawberries

with Home Custard $11  OR

with Whipped Cream $10.50

Savoury Crepe: $10.50

Raw Marinated Mushroom with Rocket Pesto (Vegan)


Free Range Chicken & Vegies with a Tandoori Sauce

with Cheese or Hummus

and with Salad & Dressing or Egg 


Leckies Butchery Specials for Market

leckies Logo.jpg

Crumbed Lamb Chops $12.95kg

Steak onion tomato Sausages $12.95kg


Ettrick Gardens Market Specials

ettricks peas.jpg










Soil grown Onions, Washed Potatoes. Potatoes, Beetroot,, Baby Beetroot, Walnuts. 

Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section. Gold & Red Beetroot and Washed Red Fantasy Potatoes.

Crunchy Royal Gala, Granny Smith & Pink Lady Apples.

Frozen Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Tayberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries. 

Check out our wide range of reusable and Home Compostable packaging!!

BOYSENBERRIES free flow 1 KG @ $10. Great with Yoghurt or Ice Cream,  or stock up your Jam supply!! Delicious in smoothies, make a couli.  Ambrosia is sooo easy to make and soooooo delicious.

Ettrick Gardens

on your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104,  

State Highway 8, Ettrick.

Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Jumbo Farmers Market Tea Towels for Christmas!

Natural Jumbo Tea Towel Size.jpeg

Check out our new locally handmade & handprinted market tea towels (modelled by Kate), I know she's little but these are seriously jumbo tea towels!  Our natural jumbo range are a cotton / linen mix with a couple of stitching choices, have a look as you swing in the front gate at the market caravan. 

Colour: Rolled Oats!

Handmade right here in Dunedin.

$15 each.  Perfect for the foodie in your life...


Hospice Fundraising Calendar at the Community Stall

hospice calendar.jpg

A calendar featuring iconic sites around Dunedin will be for sale at this Saturday's market. The calendar, produced by Speedprint, is a significant fundraiser for the Otago Community Hospice with every calendar sold contributing $7.50 to the Hospice's fundraising target of $2.5 million! It's a gorgeous calendar this year celebrating all that is Dunedin - with photos of 12 of our most iconic scenes. A big thanks to all the photographers who donated their photos for this calendar: Nick Beadle, Alan Dove, Barry Kelk, Sean Waller, Simone Jackson, Graham Warman, Trev Hill.

Pictured is the January photo with Hospice team Michelle Rowe and Rebecca Shaw.

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