This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

12th September 2019

Hi there

This weather just cries out for gardening and what better place to buy your seedlings and get great advice than the farmers market. All of our plant vendors have interesting varieties that are grown for local conditions. I heard a wee rumour that Kakanui Produce will be back this weekend so you really will be spoilt for choice.

Last weekend we welcomed Abdal Catering to the market. Some of you may already be aware of Abdal and his impressive Syrian food, but for those of you yet to try it now is your opportunity. He does food to eat at the market and also to take home - read below for more information. His Syrian saj bread wraps are both delicious to eat and entertaining to watch being prepared.

Waewae Permaculture started last week at the market as well. They are a small scale market garden growing in Purakaunui using permaculture principles. They are spray free and grow a diverse range of salad and leafy vegetables. Check them out up on the platform next to Bennies Honey.

Afife from Lebanese Cuisine is taking a well-deserved break from the market and having a visit home to Lebanon. She will be back on 26th October.

Wild Smokehouse are also going through some significant changes and whilst that is all in process they will be absent from the market. Watch this space for future updates.

See you Saturday

Best Regards





This Week in the kitchen

Kia ora folks, 

Jamalia is celebrating good, tasty kai again this week.  She has bacon hocks, rewana bread, yams & lots of greens!  Try the tasty vegan sweet treat with no refined sugar, a spin on french toast using local Rewana bread from Beano's Bakery.  Either make the recipes yourself at home or taste as  you walk in the main gates on Saturday.   Jamalia has the recipe sheets listing all the  supportive vendors & product used.  

Pai ki a koe kai!  Enjoy your food!


Stir-fried Yams with Spinach

Produce from Oamaru Organics Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Kale, Apple, Cranberry and Almond Slaw Pic.jpg

Kale, Apple, Cranberry and Almond Slaw

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Pork Hock Soup with Silverbeet Pic.jpg

Pork Hock Soup with Silverbeet

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
French Toast with Coconut Caramel Apples Pic.jpg


Produce from Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Gilbert's Fine Food Breads & More Ettrick Gardens Beano's Bakery Willowbrook Orchard Caithness Farm Ltd

View Recipe

Syrian Food at the Market

B59C4C15-4BC7-4CBB-AD06-703A843B1F87.jpeg (1)

Abdal Catering: 

Some of you may have already noticed some new & exciting dishes & products at the market last weekend.  We welcome Abdal Moneem-Kyassah who moved to Dunedin with his family two years ago as part of the United Nations refugee resettlement program. Originally a chef from Syria after working in Saudi Arabia & Malaysia. Abdal will bring his personality & delectable Syrian flatbreads (Saj), shatta, za'atar, cheeses & other wonderful delights to introduce to the market goers. He will be cooking at the market on a gas fired saj dome to make his flat breads fresh in the morning. He has his own catering business here in Dunedin. All his dry goods are purchased in Dunedin & his za'atar features a special ingredient which he was happy to discover in Otago. Realizing that Central Otago thyme was just like the thyme that grew in his homeland was a happy shock, now he regularly heads to Central in summer to forage for thyme. Abdal Catering shares chef Abdal’s love of Syrian food with the people of his new home, Dunedin. Enjoy the flavours of his delicious range of gourmet products including Abdal’s Za’atar and Abdal’s Shatta, you will find him between the good folk at GUD Coffee & Le Crepe.


Waewae Permaculture


Up on the platform you will now find the lovely Lian Redding & Fiona Collings who have a small scale market garden in Purakaunui which is spray free. They grow to permaculture principals with a diverse range of colourful vegetables including heirloom varieties.  Great to get a bit more produce variety for our market goers, their purple kale looked gorgeous!


Ettrick Gardens

Public domain elephant garlic.jpg

Lettuce, Spinach, Spring Onions, Brightlights Silverbeet, Celery, Leeks, Celeriac, Coloured Carrots, Garlic, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Carrots, Shallots, Onions, Green Cabbage, Kale, Savoy cabbage, Artichokes, Yams,

Potatoes, 3 types Beetroot, Elephant Garlic, Silverbeet, Walnuts & Pumpkin.  Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section.

Coloured Carrots, Beetroot (3 Types), Yams, Washed Agria & Red Fantasy Potatoes.

Crunchy Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji & Pacific Rose, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Sturmer,  Cox’s Orange, Pink Lady Ballerat Cooking Apples.

Beurre Bosc, Winter Nelis Pears.

Frozen Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Tayberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries.

Check out our range of reuseable bags!!

Super Special’s this Week:

Cabbages $1 each.

Elephant Garlic spray free 250gm bags only $5.

Boysenberries free flow 1 kg $15 or 2 for $25.

Red Fantasy Potatoes:  A smooth red skin, yellow flesh potato.

Great flavour, roasting, boiling, mashing & baking in stews and salads.  A great all-round potato.

Ettrick Gardens

On your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104, State Highway 8, Ettrick.

Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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-Pink label: Red & green cabbage, fennel, cauliflower, onion, garlic, cumin & coriander seeds.


- Green label: Broccoli, green cabbage, yams, ginger, garlic, mustard & coriander seeds.


Community Stall

EV Week2 Logo.jpg

International Drive Electric Week -Dunedin Farmers Market

Dunedin is the EV capital of New Zealand and September 14th till the 22nd is Drive Electric Week.

If you want to find out what it’s like to own one of these futuristic machines, head to Farmers Market to meet Dunedin EV owners and EV experts keen to answer your EV-related questions.
We’ll have an electric cars on display, so you can see the future today.
Brought to you by the Dunedin EV Owners Group with support from Te Ao Turoa Environment Strategy and The Better NZ Trust - Leading The Charge.

EV Myth busting and EVs 101.  Learn how to charge, about EV apps and more. Find out what it’s like to drive an EV around Dunedin and longer journeys.


La Crepe Special 14th September

La Crepe.jpg (1)

Jam of the Day: Feijoa & Pear $6

Sweet Crepe: Apple & Blueberry Delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce, Poached Apple & Blueberries

 with Confectioner’s Custard $10.50
 or with Whipped Cream $10

Savoury Crepe:

Marinated Mushroom and Rocket Pesto (Vegan)

or Free Range Chicken Stew Grandma style with Jerusalem Artichoke

with Cheese or Hummus

and with Salad & Dressing or Egg  $10.50

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