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This Week at the Market

13th February 2020

Hi there

Stonefruit Season 2020.jpg

Hope your week has gone well where ever you are.  The city has seen excitement with Elton & Queen in town over the last week, the end of the Masters Games & children all shipped back to school again.  We have vendors still hurting from the floods the other week.  Wairuna Organic's lost major crops, tunnel houses & damage on property.  Simon Donaldson (one of our original market vendors) from Rosedale Orchard near the Clutha River had to throw away large amounts of spoiled apricots with rain damage and there will be others who lost parts of their crops.  Meanwhile, up in the North Island droughts persist, it's been a very unpredictable summer so far.  So.... we are lucky to still have a vast array of great quality produce from the region to choose from at the market.  Figs arrived to much excitement last weekend only for there not to be enough for Pauley's Orchard to be back till further notice due to the funny season this year.  Hopefully we won't have to wait too long as they were divine! Just goes to show, you have to get in quick to grab the best of the best in Otago!

For anyone who might be interested,  Volunteer Otago are recruiting volunteers to support Southland in the clean-up following the floods this Sunday 16th Feb.  Volunteers MUST be available for a full day from 7AM - 9PM on Sunday, and 18 years and older. 16 and 17yr olds may come if accompanied by an adult.  Please note that this is a registration of interest at this stage only. Feel free to contact Volunteering Otago for more information at  Of course by buying at the Otago Farmers Market we are all helping support local growers & producers as well.   

We have had lots of good press lately, see our Facebook page for articles & video.  Delish Destinations TV in Australia aired an Otago Farmers Market segment last week & there have been articles in the Chicago Tribune, Stuff, etc all for good reason, the market is a fun place to visit!

We are on the lookout for more waste volunteers / waste warriors at the market - if you are keen to volunteer for once or twice a month from 10am - 12noon to help us keep a sustainably running market then see the article below in the newsletter or chat to us at the market caravan office on your way in the gate.  

If you are thinking of coming into town this weekend then the Thieves Alley Market is on, so come make a full day of it.  Get your groceries from us in the morning, have a feed, heck even have a delayed Valentines Day brunch & coffee date if you are so inclined, whatever.... we are there for everyone!

See you on Saturday...


Assistant Manager


This Week in the kitchen

Who doesn't like a good scone!  Check out these babies Jamalia will bake on Saturday with crimson pear from Ettricks, buttermilk from Holy Cow & rhubarb from the new kids on the block at 303 Apes Rd.  See you at the black caravan at the front gate from 8am....

Amazing Vendors This Week:

Oamaru Organics Cauliflower - Sumac Roasted Cauliflower

Ettrick Gardens Crimson Pears, Fennel & Silverbeet - Crimson Pear and Rhubarb Buttermilk Scones & Fennel, Silverbeet, and Cashew Soup with Capsicum Cashew Topping

Holy Cow Buttermilk - Crimson Pear and Rhubarb Buttermilk Scones  

303 Apes Rd Rhubarb - Crimson Pear and Rhubarb Buttermilk Scones

Lebanese Cuisine Capsicum Cashew Sauce - Fennel, Silverbeet, and Cashew Soup with Capsicum Cashew Topping.  (NB: Lebanese Cuisine are away this week).

Fennel, Silverbeet and Cashew Soup with Capsicum Cashew Topping

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe

Crimson Pear and Rhubarb Buttermilk Scones

Produce from Holy Cow Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
cauli.jpg (2)

Sumac Roasted Cauliflower

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe

Wild Dispensary Market Special

Wild Dispensary.jpg (2)

Wild Dispensary has the start of your 2020 covered!

A combo deal this week - the 300ml Immunity Tonic and a Rest and Calm Tonic to start your year well supported.

Usually $69.90 for only $60.00. 

Rest and Calm -  New school? New class? New job? Same job? Life in general? Wild Dispensary Rest and Calm is formulated to help support your nervous system and sleep patterns. Organic Dunedin Chamomile + wild harvested Central Otago Californian Poppy help to support your cortisol levels, reduce worrying thoughts, anxiety levels and help to support more restful sleep. Great for the whole family.

Immunity Tonic -  Back to real life means back to bugs. But with WD Immunity Tonic you can help support the whole family by supporting their immunity daily. Immunity Tonic is jam packed full of immune supporting plants, but the hero is Elderberry (wild harvested from the Taieri Plains) that can support the body’s defence mechanism. Easy to take and delicious hot or cold our immunity Tonic is a family favourite and a great way to start the year well.

Did you know Sleep is essential for good immunity. If you are struggling to sleep, you may have noticed you catch everything that goes around.

A lack of sleep/extra stress increases cortisol in the body and can lead to inflammation. Your body focuses on targeting the ‘stress’ and takes its main focus off your immunity - leaving you likely to catch things. We suggest taking our Rest and Calm an hour before bed and if you wake up in the night. It helps to get you back to sleep and supports your nervous system. Paired with our immunity tonic in the day, you are on track for a better 2020!

Ruth, Skye and Ged 😊


It's 'Apple Week' at Otago Organics!


We have a great range of new Season’s Apples this week.

Peas Good Nonsuch - This very large apple is always in high demand. It is a classic cooking apple that cooks down into a fluffy puree, great for apple sauce or baking. 

Akane – a classic cherry red apple. A smaller crisp juicy apple which is also good for drying.

Stripey Gravenstein – another very old favourite, very juicy with a distinctive flavour ( looks ordinary but tastes great).

Early McIntosh – this will be the very last of this popular apple, red and juicy.

Market Special: Organic Juicing Apples, new seasons mixed varieties, $4.00 Kg.

Come and taste them all!



1B00E4CF-AAF9-4A1F-AA17-B20255E0AC65.jpeg (1)

Specials this Week:


Fermented Vegetables (sampling available)

-*Organic Sauerkraut (onion & garlic)

 *Organic Sauerkraut with Just cabbage

*Organic Kimchi (mild, medium & hot)

*Cabbage, #carrots, #beetroot, #radish, *yams, mushroom & turmeric

*Cabbage, *broccoli, *broccoflower, ginger

 #Carrot, *cabbage, #new onion, basil

 * organic   # spray free

ORGANIC TEMPEH: Red kidney beans, brown rice & sunflower seeds.

There are so many ways you can cook and use it: Steam, deep fried, pan fried, in salads, kebabs, soups, stews, bolognese……… 

ORGANIC TEMPEH JERKY (Dehydrated red kidney beans , quinoa & sunflower seeds Tempeh already marinated with Bay Road peanut butter,*tamari, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, smoke liquid & spices). Ready to go straight in your mouth or add in vegetable curry, stew, or soup. You can rehydrate them in 10 minutes, it is very tasty and you can go tramping with them as there is no need for refrigeration.

Samples available at my stall.


Cherry, Rhubarb & Nectarine, Plum, Apricot, Gooseberry, Blackcurrant.

Mostly around 20% of sugar for 80% of fruit, lemon & low sugar jam pectin.

These are only for the gourmet!

Find me on the platform, you are welcome to have try some samples.

All my products are packed with recycling jars, please bring them back. THANK YOU.


La Crepe Specials


Back to Dunedin, resourced and well rested, went to Nelson and Riccarton Market to have a look at what's trendy, and the verdict is Dunedin is doing very well.

Excited to be back, and grateful to be part of the Otago Farmers Market.

Below are the specials.

Wishing you a great day.





Fresh market strawberries, strawberry jam
With home custard $11
Or with whipped cream $10.50





With Cheese or Hummus

And with Salad & Dressing OR Egg 


Ettrick Gardens Market Specials

ettricks.JPG (4)






Ettrick Gardens

on your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104,  

State Highway 8, Ettrick.

Central Otago.  03 446 6863

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook


Leckies Butchery Market Specials

leckies Logo.jpg

Crumbed Lamb Chops $15.95kg

Chipolatas $6.95kg


Waste Volunteers - Are YOU our next Waste Warrior?

volunteers 4.jpeg (1)

We are always on the look out for great people who are keen to be part of our waste educator team on a Saturday - it's only for a couple of hours once or twice a month or whatever you can do.  Looking for people to do the 10am - 12noon shifts.  If you are passionate about our environment & enjoy the market buzz & people, then we would love to hear from you or pop by and have chat with us at the market caravan or email Michele - 

We have just had students from Japan at Otago Uni & Polytech volunteering their time on a Saturday morning for the past few months.  We will miss them at the market!

These Otago Farmers Market team members keep the wheels going at the market with all things eco friendly, we love them!


Catlins True Brew & Kitchen

Toby & Debs won't be at the market this weekend but never fear, they will be back the following weekend on 22nd Feb.  


Community Stall - Dunedin Fringe Festival


The Dunedin Fringe Festival 2020 programme has just been launched, so come to the Fringe booth at the Otago Farmers Market to grab your copy! Speak with us to find out more about the festival and if you're keen to be part of the Fringe, you can also sign up to be a volunteer at the booth!


Mamma Mia Pizza

thumbnail_IMG_20200208_094541.jpg (1)

Michal from Mamma Mia Pizza is now serving his delectable pizza on reusable metal plates if you are dining at the market.  All his pizza is cooked in his wood fired oven onsite.  


Dunford Grove

We've been off to an Olive Oil sensory master class.  Some oils can have negative attributes:  We learnt that most of these defects come from how the olives have been treated on the grove and during harvest.  Just as important is how the oil has been handled during pressing, storage and delivery.  A large part of the course was dedicated to these "faults"  which can only be identified by smell & taste so we've put some pretty disgusting oils in our mouths!  Makes you realise just how delicious a fresh well cared for olive oil can be.
We also took the opportunity to visit the Cobram Estate nursery, here's one part, of one of the rearing rooms all laid out by varietal.
Did you know?
To wash out your olive oil bottle; Try baking soda and warm water, rinse then dry in the oven.

Goat Island Dairy


Blue Mountain Butcher Streaky Bacon $25kg


Otago Organic's - Organic Juicing Apples

Stripey Gravenstein.jpg

Certified Organic - New Season Mixed Varieties - $4kg 


Holy Cow Buttermilk $2.50 each


303 Apes Rd Rhubarb $5 a bunch

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