Flavours of Spring

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Flavours of Spring

November 15th, 2018

Hi there

Otago Farmer's Market-114.jpg

Most shoppers to the farmer’s market come because they share the values of wanting to eat fresh, seasonal produce and support local farmers. Many are happy to forgo eating out of season peppers and tomatoes (imported from Australia generally) until the local crop are ready in the interest of these values.

In this day and age of being able to procure any and all produce virtually any time it has become more important, for many, to understand the provenance of their food. A peach bought in the middle of winter, exported from the USA – what do you know about it apart from that it has traveled a ton of miles to get to you. How was it grown, what was it treated with to make it travel well and stay rosy and flushed? If you eat in season your food is fresher and has fewer carbon miles attached to it. That we know.

The term “local” though is more difficult to define.  To many it would mean Dunedin and surrounds, others the lower south island, still others national rather than international. Kumara, avocados and citrus do not grow in our Otago region but many small scale farmers grow plenty in the north island. Many are certified organic yet struggle to find enough local retail customers and just aren’t big enough to deal with the compliance issues that come with wholesaling.  

Food for thought... Is it better to eat nutritionally in season throughout the year, knowing where your food has come from and supporting small scale growers?  Or is it better to eat what is available grown in your immediate region and supplement in winter with out of region vegetables? These are just a few things I've been musing on of late.

Thank goodness for fresh greens, new spuds, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries. Spring veg are slow to come to the far south.

See you Saturday



This Week in the kitchen

YUM. Chef Kate Woodhouse has done it again this week.  She will be at the Market site office on Saturday with samples of this roasted orange and port rhubarb with honey panna cotta and walnut crumb, plus three other dishes for you to try! 

Roasted orange and port rhubarb with honey panna cotta and walnut crumb

Produce from Willowbrook Orchard Butler's Fruit Farm

View Recipe
Spinach white bean and fennel dip.jpg

Spinach, white bean and fennel dip

Produce from Waikouaiti Gardens

View Recipe
walnut and parmesan new potatoes with fresh parsley.jpg

Walnut and parmesan new potatoes with fresh parsley

Produce from Oamaru Organics Willowbrook Orchard

View Recipe
Warm beetroot haloumi and toasted seed salad.jpg

Warm beetroot, haloumi and toasted seed salad

Produce from

View Recipe

Otago Organics Back at the Market This Week!

Edable Salad.jpg

In addition to our Taste Sensation Salad Mix with Edible Flowers, we also have Toni’s Rhubarb, Lots of Kale, large size Globe Artichokes, Pea Shoots for salads and Stir fries, and a good range of fresh herb bunches, including Chervil (one of the French's Fine Herbs) , and this will definitely be the last week for our Baby Leek Bunches.



Dunford Grove


A serious frost hit the district close to four weeks ago, in fact the lowest temperature for this time of year since 1970! Lots of fruit crops lost and our own "house" orchard has been stripped of all the fruit save for a few cherries and hopefully some figs.
Fortunately, olives flower in December and the buds we're seeing now look really good and plentiful.

Did you know?
Two tablespoons (30g) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil a day will give you just under half of your daily fat intake* and over 70% of this is Monounsaturated fat. What you won't get from EVOO are any: Cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate and sugar! You will get the polyphenols and antioxidants to ward off a host of ills!
*Based on a a 2000 calorie per day diet.


Kapowai Brewing Co.

blackberry and sage flower.JPG

Farmers Market Special: Blackberry and Sage Blossom
This week we’ve paired Blackberries* from Raspberry Cottage in Waimate, with Sage Blossoms from Wairuna Organics. The warm, earthy flavour of the sage compliments the sweet, tartness of the berries, on an oolong kombucha base.

Kombucha on Tap:
We'll have Blueberry & Cinnamon kombucha, and Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric kombucha on tap this week, so remember your bottles for refilling.

Heidi & Dave
*Blackberries are spray-free only


Ettrick Gardens


New Seasons:
Strawberries & New Potatoes
Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spinach, Silverbeet, Carrots, Lettuce, Coloured Carrots, Gourmet Washed Potatoes, Walnuts.

Apples: Royal Gala, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady, Braeburn, Granny Smith & Sturmer Apples.

Please Note, We Do Not Export, So We Use Less Sprays. We Have Reusable Net Produce Bags Available To Buy So You Do Not Have To Use Plastic Bags.
3 Sizes Available, Only $2 Each “Or” 2 For $3 This Month

Potatoes: Agria, Heather, Highlander & Anushka
Agria: A Yellow Floury Potato, The Best For Roasting And Chipping. Will Break Up When Boiled, So It Is Easy To Mash.

Super Special’s This Week:
Potatoes 5kg @ $6 (5 Varieties)
Boysenberries (Frozen Freeflow)
1 Kg @ $15 “Or” 2 For $25

Please Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags Or Boxes With You. Thank You! We Are Now Single Use Shopping Bag Free. Check Out Our Wide Range Of Reusable Bags!


La Crepe Special

IMG_0555.JPG (1)

Jam Of The Day: Blackcurrant & Pear $6

Sweet Crepe: Apple & Blueberry Delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce
Poached Apple & Blueberries
With Confectioner’s Custard $10.50
Or With Whipped Cream $10

Savoury Crepe: Avocado Guacamole (Vegan)
Or Roasted Pumpkin & Onion With Or Without Feta (Vegan-Vegetarian)
Or Caramelised Havoc Pork With Organic Cauliflower Japanese Style (Ginger, Garlic And Tamari Sauce)
With Cheese Or Hummus
And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg $10.50


DOC and Traffic Light Bandanas at the Market this Week!

DOC leashes.jpg

Calling all dog owners.

DOC and Traffic Light Bandanas have joined together to bring you, 'Lead the Way', a programme which offers dog owners the chance to help protect our special wildlife, and it’s easy as!

Lead the Way is an initiative which aims to promote responsible dog ownership and limit negative dog interactions with coastal wildlife. Dunedin dog owners are encouraged to take a short quiz online to become a ‘wildlife certified’ dog owner, which teaches you some easy ways to be better prepared for the beach. You will then receive an exclusive link to purchase one of the four Lead the Way leads from Traffic Light Bandana’s website.

These awesome leads not only display “space for each, share the beach” to promote keeping space between your pup and wildlife, but the colour of the lead highlights the behaviour of your dog as well. Using the lead lets other dog walkers know whether your pup is friendly (green), cautious with interaction (orange) or would prefer to keep to themselves (red); There is even an option for blind or deaf dogs (yellow).

With each lead purchased dog owners will also be donating to Dunedin’s Wildlife Hospital to help wildlife that are in need.

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