This Week at the Farmers Market

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This Week at the Farmers Market

15th October 2022

Hi there

My Farm Fresh Cherry Pic.jpg

Happy NZ Cheese Month!  Be sure to check out our local cheese vendors – Evansdale Cheese, Whitestone Cheese.  Also Marie does a plant-based cheese option at Marie’s Plant Based Foods as well as Boden Deli.

In perfect timing for World Food Day on Sunday, we have a Kiwi Harvest ‘Play it Forward Bin’ parked outside the caravan (& every Saturday from now on). If you want to add an extra item or fresh produce from the Market to donate you now have the opportunity to add it to the food bin.  Backtracking a bit, we had a regular Market customer email in to see if there was a way to help some of those she had seen in the community who needed extra help (she hadn’t realized our vendors already donated to Kiwi Harvest at the end of each Market with anything they had left over & to avoid any food waste).  Julie wanted to know if there was a way that Market goers & customers were able to contribute if they felt they could afford it and wanted to do a little more so I got in touch with Kiwi Harvest and they loved the idea and have made it happen.  They are an amazing local charity that distribute to charities who work with our communities in need.  Look out for the flag & bin near the caravan and Kiwi Harvest will collect it at the end of the Market.

(World Food Day is recognised every year on 16th October to raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity. Established in 1979, the event is commemorated in over 150 countries with millions of people working together in the fight against hunger with the aim of ensuring every person has access to healthy, nutritious food).

Some of you have discovered last weekend that we now have a NEW asparagus grower at the Market for the season.  Dave from My Farm Fresh in Ashburton will be there each weekend in Rosedale’s spot till Simon is back.  We know he’ll be popular, as every weekend around this time of year we always have lots of customers asking after Palmerston Asparagus (who most of you who read this newsletter will know, sold his farm & those crops are now gone).  So it is good to have a quality supplier again but from slightly further afield, but still in the South.

We also now have a new vendor up on the platform – Boden Deli.  Henriette will be expanding and developing her products, but for now her plant-based treats are available as taster plates to purchase and everything is made from scratch.

Congrats to the clever team at Wild Dispensary who took out best in Category for Best of Natural Awards for their Rest and Calm tonic.  I personally love this product, especially when it’s hard to shut off brain chatter, tension or when you just need help for a decent night’s sleep. 

Also, congratulations to Dunford Grove with their award-winning extra virgin olive oil.  I always keep my refill bottle topped up from Sandy – you really can taste the difference using fresh local olive oil, so good!  You can find Sandy on the platform on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, yes – that’s this weekend. 

And more congratulations!   New DCC councillors elected on the weekend – Kevin Gilbert from Gilberts Fine Foods (one of our long-standing vendors) and Cherry Lucas a trustee on the OFMT board, also to the rest of the DCC council team many of whom are loyal Market shoppers and supporters. 

And another one, Telagi received a highly commended resilience award at the Volunteer Awards ceremony the other weekend.  He works hard to keep our recycling bins in order on Market day.

For those of you who maybe isolating or homebound we have a few vendors that can deliver to your door during the weekBrightside Microgreens, Gilberts Fine Foods, Ettrick Gardens, Waewae, Ronia & Pippi, Agreeable Nature Eggs, Blue Mountain Butchery, Tartan Sari, Dunford Grove, Evansdale Cheese, Oamaru Organics, Port Larder, Harbour Fish, Havoc Pork, Blueskin Bay Honey, Wild Dispensary, Judge Rock Wines, Hazelnut Estate, Matheson & Roberts, Bennies Honey, Whitestone Cheese, NZ Nuts, Breads & More, Dunedin Craft Distillery, Princes St Butchery & others.  You can find their details in our ORDER NOW button on our website

Bring CASH as some of our vendors are cash only. Remember your keep cup / mug (if you forget, check with your beverage vendor if they have spares to borrow to save on a single use throw out cups – which are just not cool!), I will keep supplying them with cups where needed, it’s up to us all to make use of this.  And remember your containers, produce bags. 

Remember, that only all our authenticated, verified Otago Farmers Market vendors are all within our gates who have our tick of approval.  Make sure you support them inside the Market carpark & platform & you will get a quality product. 

Will miss Run Rabbit Pasta at the Market, they have a great product, but hopefully Gary & Brenda will have a less hectic schedule after this weekend.  Would be great to see a young couple buy this business & run with it, lots of potential there!  Thank you, Gary & Brenda, for being creative and entrepreneurial in bringing an idea to fruition.

Please respect everyone’s space & feel free to wear your mask. 

Shop your way around Otago this weekend…. at the Market!  See you there.  Dolce Vita will be back NEXT weekend. There will be lots of tulips, brunch options, weekly shopping staples, tasty treats, vegan options, fruit & vege and added value goodies and lots, lots more.  Thanks as always for your support. 

Ngā mihi


Market Manager

Header Image: Evansdale Cheese

Insert Image:  My Farm Fresh Dave with shopper OFMT trustee Cherry Lucas buying asparagus


This Week in the kitchen

When looking through the archives this week, I had two things in mind... something to celebrate New Zealand cheese month and something to make the most of the fresh apples I have been getting from Willowbrook Orchard. As exams approach, cakes and desserts are sought after in the flat so this apple cake is a great way to kill two birds with one stone!  I look forward to seeing you all at the market this Saturday.  Isabella (Assistant Manager)

Roasted cauliflower blue cheese soup (V)

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Whitestone Cheese Evansdale Cheese Hazelnut Estate

View Recipe


Produce from Willowbrook Orchard Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs

View Recipe

Ettrick Gardens Market Specials


Buy direct from the grower!!! Better quality at a better price!!!

Frill lettuce, soil-grown & spray-free 

Washed Taties 1.5KG only $5 Assorted varieties

Spray-free cauliflower

Parsley & spring onions are also spray-free

“Jumbo” beetroot is only $2 per kilo

Spray-free silverbeet & Brightlights silverbeet- only $3.00 per bunch😊

Spray-free leeks - $2.50 each


Spray-free beetroot; round or cylindra - only $2.50 per kilo

Spray-free Jerusalem artichokes - 1 KG only $4

Apples: Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Pacific Queen, Granny Smith, Pacific Rose,

Braeburn, & Fuji apples 

Winter Nelis Pears

Spray-free spinach 

Potatoes: Agria, Red Fantasy, & Jelly

Coloured carrots and orange carrots

Most of our vegetables are spray free! 

Frozen free-flow strawberries, mixed berries, boysenberries, tayberries, blackberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants.


Our courier service to your door is available anytime.

Or “click & collect” from us at the Otago Farmers Market or our Ettrick shop.

Email for our latest order form and we can add you to our weekly update. 

Ettrick Gardens: On your right at the main gate, or rapid 5104, state highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago. 03 446 6863. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook


Wild Dispensary - Award Winning!

BONA2022_social winner tiles 800x800_17.jpg

Wild Dispensary are excited and proud to announce that their Rest and Calm won the Stress, Mood and Sleep category at the 2022 Best of Natural Awards.

“This means so much to us. For Rest and Calm to be recognised in this way, in such an important category, is simply amazing!”

Formulated with Dunedin grown certified organic Chamomile and Central Otago wild harvested Californian poppy this feels like an award for Otago plant medicine too!

We've believed in this product for a long time, and we know so many of you have found it to be so helpful for yourselves and your whanau.

Winning this award not only recognises that, but will also hopefully introduce Rest and Calm to many more people who need it!

Which at the end of the day is why we do what we do 

Thanks as always to our loyal and supportive Otago farmers Market customers.

Ruth, Skye and the WD Team



Run Rabbit Ltd.


This Saturday will be the final market for Run Rabbit as Gary & Brenda have taken the decision to close the business. It will be a sad day for us as we have really enjoyed meeting our lovely customers and working with our amazing fellow stallholders and market staff. Over the next few weeks we will be looking for someone to take over Run Rabbit, so if you would like to take it on, or know someone who might be interested, please let us know. Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Remember, our pasta freezes well, so if you want to stock up, we'll be happy to help! Thank you very much for your custom and support.  Brenda & Gary.


Stonehurst Gourmet. HERB OF THE WEEK:


ROCKET - ARUGULA  (Eruca sativa)

Pointed, lance shaped leaves in mid green which have a characteristic smell when bruised and a peppery flavour! A hardy annual that will self seed if you allow the small creamy flowers to set seed - to prolong leaf picking however pinch out any flower stalks you may see emerging.  

Leaves are ideal in salads, sprinkled on hot pizza or pasta dishes - the younger the leaves are picked, the milder the flavour. The leaves can also be steamed like a vegetable or used in sauces.

A lightly shaded location is ideal with moist but well drained soils - prefers cooler temperatures.  Kate


Marie's Plant Based Food Specials:

Maries.png (5)

ALL VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE (may contain traces of gluten) 

Free Delivery for orders of $30 and over in town.  Email or text 0225228599

ORGANIC TEMPEH JERKY: Slice of my tempeh dipped in homemade peanut sauce and totally dehydrated so it is super crunchy. Ready to eat straight in your mouth, or add in vegetable curry, stew, or soup. You can rehydrated them in 10 minutes, it is very tasty, and a superfood if you go tramping.  $8 for 80g. Samples available at the stall, please ask. 

See you at the market.  Marie



- *Sauerkraut (onion & garlic $13 or just cabbage $12) for 380g   

- *Kimchi - mild, medium, or hot is available, please let me know which you like - $15 for 380g

           (cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic & Korean red pepper & chilli)


- #Daikon MEDIUM/HOT KIMCHI STYLE - $14 for 360g

-Almost finished *Red & green cabbage, #carrots, *broccoli, #pakchoi, #celery, capsicum, onion, ginger, galangal, garlic, lemon grass, Korean pepper, - MEDIUM KIMCHI STYLE - $15 for 360g

- #Carrots, #beetroot, #celery, ginger, turmeric & horopito leaves - $15 for 360g

                                  * organic # spray free

FRESH TEMPEH: Green split lentils, quinoa, and black sesame seeds

Freshly made every week from different beans, cereals, and seeds. 

1 packet (225g) for $8, 2 packets for $15 - enquire if you would like more.


Freshly made every week from different beans, cereal and seeds. 

1 packet (225g) for $8 / 2 packets for $15 - enquiry if would like more


270g jar for $6: Strawberry, quince 1 mix: Gooseberry, pear and banana. 

1 mix: Gooseberry & blueberry: $7 

or Blueberry, strawberry, & raspberry: $7

310g/340g jar for $7 or $8: Peach, plum, apricot, feijoa, rhubarb, nectarine $8

1 mix: 310g for $8 - Pear & raspberry

1 mix: 310g for $8 -Gooseberry, peach & raspberry


SPECIAL: Rhubarb low-sugar jam, vegan custard & roasted hazelnut $8.50  

BANOFFEE: date butterscotch, vegan custard & fresh banana $9

BOUNTY: dark chocolate & shredded coconut custard $8.50 

TEMPEH BURGER: $11: Choose between crunchy peanut sauce, plum & spices sauce, or tomato and olive sauce. Add some of my popular kimchi, sauerkraut, or purple pickled vegetable.

They all have an organic, fresh tempeh patty, green salad, sprouts and mayonnaise.

VEGAN CHEESE SANDWICH: $8: Choose between pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, or both. Served with salad.

HERBS VEGAN CHEESE: Made from NZ spray-free soybeans & organic chickpeas. Packed with dried herbs & culture.

 *Spread 180g for $7 

 *Round cheese 120g for $9


No.8 Distillery

No8 9.png

The No. 8 Distillery team will be up on the platform with our award winning little Ouzo. They will also have a range of other liquors including a fresh batch of Limoncello, Peach liqueur, Pineapple Rum and the world's best contemporary Horopito Gin & so much more! I will have plenty of samples available this Saturday.  Julien


Kiwi Harvest ‘Pay it Forward Bin’


The bin will be near the Market caravan at the main middle gate - look for a flag on top.  


Community Stall: New Dunedin Hospital: Unearthed Ōtakou

Heritage 2_SM.jpg

New Zealand Heritage Properties archaeologists have been excavating the New Dunedin Hospital sites and uncovering the secrets of the past. At our community stall you’ll be able to speak to members of the team to learn more about the history of the former Cadbury Block site and the former Wilson Block site. You’ll learn about some of the colourful characters of the past, and have the opportunity to see artefacts such as ceramic gin bottles and penny inkwells. Come and learn about the past that’s being unearthed as we build the hospital of the future.


Keeping Well

Everyone welcome but PLEASE STAY AWAY IF UNWELL (vendors & customers).

Please only handle food & produce that you are going to buy.  

Please respect everyone’s space & feel free to wear your mask. 

Please sneeze into your elbow.


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No Dogs allowed in the Market apart from care dogs.

No Fliers / Pamphlets to be distributed at the Market please.  

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