This Week at the Farmers Market

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This Week at the Farmers Market

17th July 2021

Hi there

Hermione & Lindsay .jpeg

We certainly have had a few frosty mornings lately.  We've salted the Market asphalt more times already this winter than the whole of last year (& we are not even at the half way point of winter) but the mornings & evenings are starting to get a teeny bit lighter for longer so that is encouraging, but always mind your step especially early morning.

If you have any bottles or jars from our vendors could you remember to please bring them along with you? I know Brendan at Urbn Vino is keen to get more of his bottles back & others are too.  This system means they can keep a consistent service of refillable options for us (the way of the future!).  It only works when we all work together which so many of you are great at.  Hopefully you are being conscious of plastic & single use everything that is used this month during #plasticfreejuly & beyond, I know I am trying to improve on my purchases where possible, it’s not easy I know, but small changes become good habits. 

Remember to bring cash with you as Ettrick Gardens (who are a usual supply of cash-out for a lot of you) are away this week.

We are on the look out for one or two backup volunteers to help out on the waste minimisation bins (our Waste Warriors).  If you or someone you know might be keen for 2hrs occasionally on a Saturday morning ask at the caravan if interested.  These champions help keep our waste & recyclables sorted, but of course you can make their job even easier by BYO cups, containers, bowls, cutlery, etc.  We try to keep waste to a minimum  at the Market (then Doubt Not Compost can work their magic with food scraps, etc).  Lindsay & Hermione in the photo below from Otago Girls have been great along with many others from there & Otago Boys & the wonderful Telagi.

Will be good to see Uni / Polytech students back at the Market after study breaks, the Market is never the same without them. 

Rug up & shop your way around Otago this weekend…. at the Market! 

Remember to scan in at the cones at any of the entrances, see you Saturday. 

Ngā mihi


Market Manager


This Week in the kitchen

No chef this week, so we fossicked in the archives for some yummy honey recipes to help sooth the winter chill… Not only does honey have great health benefits, to arm you against the lurgies, it's delicious as well!  Especially if paired with our fresh salmon -which is also rich with omega3! There's also a dessert recipe with only three ingredients that you can source entirely at the market, from our amazing vendors!


Produce from Harbour Fish Blueskin Bay Honey

View Recipe
Honey custard.jpg

Honey Custard

Produce from Bennie's Honey Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Holy Cow

View Recipe

Dunford Grove

dunford.jpg (9)

Hope you’re warm, it’s a bit chilly up here!  

We’re well into our biggest job of the year -pruning!  All the smaller pruning’s get mulched straight back into the grove and in the background is next year’s firewood waiting to be picked up.  Ash from the fire is spread back over the ground too.

Did you know?

An olive grows on one year old wood!  So, last year’s new growth bears this year’s fruit.  We prune to completely renew the canopy every 5-7 years.

Cheers Sandy


Who Ate All the Pies?


OOOPS! We’ve made a bit of a mistake, we over-did 60-70 Premium Venison & Red Wine Pies on Tuesday and they were a little bit too dark for the supermarkets… So we’re going to do a special on these this weekend. If you don’t mind a darker well-done pastry… This could be deal of the day! $10.00 for all 2nd Venison family pies this week. Please ask to see one before purchasing if you are not sure. Honestly, they’re not that bad and it’s a real steal. In any case, where I’m from, they’d call it normal!!!

Best Wishes Steven “Lancashire” Turner


Port Larder


Our Indian Date Chutney, this recipe gained a Silver in the NZ Food Producers Awards. It is on special at $10 jar on Saturday. 

Also: Raspberry jam (made yesterday) at $10 jar, is great to start the cold mornings with, on buttered toast.

Thanks Di 


Earnscleugh Orchard


Unfortunately, this is our FINAL WEEK for the season at the market … BUT (we will be back with cherries and stone fruit in November). COME ALONG & STOCK UP!!!!

FREE TASTING available at our stall of all of our fruit, plus our Apple and Pear chips.... so try before you buy. 

ORGANIC  APPLE RANGE: * Honey Crisp * Koru * Pink Lady * Jazz

ORGANIC walnuts and  a few Spray free Asian Quince left.

Plus much more Central Otago Asure Quality fruit including Pears  and a huge range of  Apples.

APPLES: * Pacific Queen * Nancy Fizz * Royal Gala * Red Delicious 

PEARS: * DDC "Ice Cream" Pear * Winter Nellis * Burre Bisc * Taylor's Gold * Packham 

Your last chance to come and grab some amazing Apple (Plain & Cinnamon) and Pear chips (Sulphur free, no additives) Just $5/bag.  FREE TASTINGS!!!

Look forward to seeing you at the Market on Saturday. Rob, Sher, & Stan


La Crepe Market Specials

ws la crepe cart.jpg

I have a good one this morning.

Why should we never upset your Mum/Partner when they cook?

Good cooks are giving their best, infusing love and care while preparing a meal, in order to nourish the ones they care about. If you upset the cook, your meal may become sour... In Asia this is well known especially among Buddhists, as well in such movies as ‘Like Water for Chocolate’…

Below are the specials. Wishing you all a great day.

Sincerely Christophe


THE 4WD: $7 Crunchy peanut butter and butterscotch  

SUNSHINE CALL: $10 Lemon curd or butterscotch, poached apples & raspberry, with custard or whipped cream  




With cheese or hummus, with salad & dressing or egg 


Marie's Plant Based Food Specials:

marie square.jpg

Dear Customers, thank you so much for bringing us back your empty jars, it is so helpful! 

Keep warm, and see you at the market, Marie



*Sauerkraut (onion & garlic $13 or cabbage $12) for 380g 

*Kimchi - mild, medium or hot is available (cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic & red pepper & chilli for the hot) $14 for 380g          


Cabbage, #carrots, celeriac, *brocoflower, lemongrass, fennel & mustard seed $15 for 380g (almost finished)

*Cabbage, *Chinese cabbage, #daikon, *cauliflower, #carrots, #beetroot and turmeric - $14.50 for 360g

* Red cabbage, #Daikon, #Fennel, #Carrot, #Turnip, #Runner bean, #Spring onion, #Horseradish, #Wild fennel - $15 for 380g

NEW #Carrot, ginger, #parsley $15 for 380g

                                  * organic               # spray free   

ORGANIC FRESH TEMPEH: Adzuki bean, millet & black sesame seed. Freshly made every week from different beans, cereals, and seeds. I use this same organic fresh tempeh in my burgers. 1 packet (225g) for $8 or 2 packets for $15  

GOURMET LOW SUGAR JAM: Plum, apricot, strawberry, gooseberry, peach, quince, nectarine, gooseberry & pear, pear & vanilla, feijoa


SPECIAL: FEIJOA low sugar jam, vegan custard & roasted hazelnut $7.50  

BANOFFEE: date butterscotch, vegan custard & fresh banana $8

BOUNTY: dark chocolate & shredded coconut custard $7.50  

TEMPEH BURGER $10: Choose between crunchy peanut sauce; onion, plum & red wine; or mild chilli tomato sauce. Add some of my popular kimchi, sauerkraut, or purple pickled vegetables. They all have a fresh organic tempeh patty, green salad, sprouts and mayonnaise.


This Week at the Market L1


Please stay away if unwell (vendors & customers). 

Please only handle food & produce that you are going to buy (& always wash your produce when you get home).

Please bring your coffee keep cups, etc with you & bottle returns, etc.

We will have loads of fantastic, fresh local produce, products, hot food, coffee, etc ready for you from 7:30am till 12:15pm around their usual spots at the market.

Cash is still accepted from many vendors.  CASH IS KING AT THE MARKET.

QR CODES ARE AT ALL THE GATES please scan yourself in on the official govt Covid QR code.  (You will find them attached to the the cone at each of the gates or at the caravan at front entrance). It will be everyone’s responsibility to scan in (incl vendors & staff).  This will be unmanned & is everyone’s responsibility to do.

Remember your charged mobile phones for scanning in.

Please sneeze into your elbow.


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