Soak up all this wonderful weather and the gifts it gives us.

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Soak up all this wonderful weather and the gifts it gives us.

18th January 2017

Hi there

NZ Nuts.jpg

This summer just keeps giving. Many of you are home from holidays now and getting back into work and preparing for the kids to return to school. If you want to re-unite with that holiday feeling come on down to the market this Saturday. We will have the Vanuatuan boys there playing their beats and more summer produce than you’ll know what to do with. Fresh figs, Fairfield blueberries, new season’s garlic, tree ripened stone fruit and wonderful herbs and greens are just some of the bounty on offer this week.

Now is the time to be thinking of provisioning. Moorpark apricots are abundant and make wonderful preserves. Either bottled, frozen, made into jam or sauce, these  orange treasures will be a reminder of summer long into the shorter, winter days.

It is great to welcome Valda back from NZ Nuts. Her certified organic produce is always popular and she, herself, is a mine of information about nutrition and growing food. Check out her website listing here.

See you Saturday



This Week in the kitchen

Even if we all are feeling a bit more in holiday mode the market hasn't stopped in fact it is abundant with some amazing produce that has been ripening in this scorching heat! 
Kate our talented chef is using all those tasty treats for some grand recipes at the market this week take a quick look and come and try them this Saturday.

For a PDF of this weeks recipes click here

Zucchini Fritters with Lemon and Basil Labneh

Produce from

View Recipe
Apricot Frangipane Tart.jpg

Apricot Frangipane Tart

Produce from Rosedale Orchard

View Recipe
Pulled Pork, Beetroot and Hazelnut Salad.jpg

Pulled Pork, Beetroot and Hazelnut Salad

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Nectarine, Fennel & Watercress Salad.jpg

Nectarine Fennel & Watercress Salad

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Rosedale Orchard

View Recipe

NZ Nuts

NZ Nuts (2).jpg

NZ Nuts will be back to the market this week – look for the stall beside Alice Otago Organic Stall to the right of the main entrance. 

All of our produce is organically certified. 

We are starting off with this seasons garlic – a hard necked garlic customers know as French Red and the soft necked French heirloom  white Printanor garlic.  Garlic will be available in plaits or bulbs.

There will also be the first of this seasons heirloom Black Krim tomatoes – spray free and full flavoured!   Just enough for the early birds this week but there is a good crop coming on to look out for these at the market each week.

And to my nut customers it has been a hot dry summer and the nut trees have loved it!  There is a good crop – and I give my Otago Farmers Market customers a commitment that I am holding back 30% of my walnuts for them.  You are welcome to place an order with me at anytime.  I am still embarrassed that the walnut blight caught me our last year and left me short of nuts.  Of course nuts will be in the market from April.




Otago Organics

otago organics.jpg

Otago Organics is offering the very first New season’s apples this week at $5.00 Kg

Stripey Gravenstien is the first of our heritage apples. While not as pretty as some of our later apples still has a lovely crisp juicy texture and a great flavour. Please come by and take advantage of our free tasting.

We also have Organic Courgettes at $4.00Kg and $2.00 packs of Courgette Flowers with a free genuine Mexican recipe for fried flowers with Salsa or try them in a risotto  


Ettrick Gardens


New This Week

Fennel & Silverbeet


“Fresh This Week”

Strawberries, Boysenberries & Blueberries, Plums & Cherries Super Sweet And Tasty

Spring Carrots, Potatoes, Parsley, Courgettes, Red Cabbage, Broccoli & Beetroot, Basil, Kale, Cavolo Nero, Cucumbers, Golden Beetroot & Spring Onions


Super Special On

Cavolo Nero & Kale $2 A Bunch

Courgettes 1 Kg  Only $3.50

Silverbeet $2.50 A Bunch


Please Recycle “Our” Pottles And Punnets Each Week. There Will Be A Crate Under The Apple Table To Put Them In. Bring You Reusable Shopping Bags. Thank You

“Love Our Planet”


Ettrick Gardens

On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick.  Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Janefield Hydroponics

basil.jpg (1)

This week we have some jumbo bunches of basil for $5, a perfect size for pesto


Cheers Rodger


Dunford Grove

new olives.jpg

Before we departed on the "All things olives" tour late last year we had the beginnings of our best flowering in years.  Unfortunately there was some pretty strong winds just at the wrong time, stripping flowers prior to pollination, fruit set has been fairly light but the olives we did get are coming along nicely.  If this is climate change we'd better do a bit more to stem this trend!

Did you know?

Much of the Mediterranean olive producing areas are besieged by some pretty nasty diseases and pests; "Olive Knot" and "Olive Fly" are most distressing to see and are having a huge impact or some growers.  We certainly will never get grumpy with the border control people who keep these and other pests from our shores.


Selwyn Shanks

carving ham.jpg

Time to get the pruning tools and firewood cutting stuff sharpened, as well as the scissors, knives and other everyday tools.

I will be having my final autumn visit to the market 5 May before taking a break till August, so make the most of my next three visits!!!!




La Crepe News


Dear Customers,

We are on holiday and will be back at the farmer's market Saturday 3rd February,

Wishing you all a lovely summer,

La Crepe team

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