We might all be needing boats to get home this afternoon at this rate!

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We might all be needing boats to get home this afternoon at this rate!

1st February 2018

Hi there

And the heavens opened and the earth rejoiced, fingers crossed there is no flooding but as I write this it feels likely cos the rain is sure coming down hard.

The market is thriving with an incredible array of fruit and vegetables on offer.  Prices are extremely reasonable with items such as greengages and apricots selling for considerably less per kilo than anywhere else in town.

The Trustees of the Otago Farmers Market work hard to ensure that they maintain the vibrancy and underpinning philosophy of the market when they review new applications to trade.  To this end they work towards achieving ratios of different types of products. They aim for 70% fresh produce, 15% added value items such as cheese, bread, chutneys etc and 15% ready to eat takeaway food such as crepes, bacon butties, dumplings, porridge and coffee etc. We regularly undertake reviews of the types of products for sale at the market and most often find that we are pretty spot on with these percentages. This balance is really important as is the type of products sold at the market. We are all about food that is fresh, healthy, seasonal and affordable and that is, in the main, produced or grown locally within the geographical boundaries of the Otago province. Add to that the principle that the grower or producer is again most often the one selling the goods at the market and you have the recipe for why our market is so special. Real, responsible and resilient. Well done to the Trustees who volunteer hundreds of hours of time to maintain these principles.

Welcome back to La Crepe. Many of us are very happy to see them back.

See you Saturday




Ps. if you haven't already read an update on the weather from the DCC and stay safe click here


This Week in the kitchen

While we are all roasting in this stunning weather Sandra is keeping the kitchen a bit cooler with some great salads and lighter dishes perfect for the season. pop on down this weekend to give them a try and stock up on the best fresh summer produce 

Kohlrabi Fritters with yoghurt dressing

Produce from

View Recipe
Breakfast tofu scrambles.jpg

Breakfast tofu scrambles

Produce from Jia He Asian Food Manufacturer Kakanui Produce

View Recipe

Kohlrabi, carrot and apple salad

Produce from

View Recipe


Produce from Ettrick Gardens Jia He Asian Food Manufacturer Waikouaiti Gardens Kakanui Produce

View Recipe
Peanut butter, honey and coconut bliss bites.jpg


Produce from Bennie's Honey Blueskin Bay Honey Ginger Fox Foods

View Recipe

Waste educator


Every week our wonderful, loyal and dedicated volunteers ensure that our waste streams do not get contaminated at the market.

We would love to expand this team and are calling for volunteers. It's a couple of hours every month or fortnight - you decide . Not only would you be doing the planet a big favour but you'd have fun as part of our team and get to really tap the feel good factor!


Get In Touch


La Crepe


Jam Of The Day: Homegrown Gooseberry $5.50

Sweet Crepe: Nectarine  Dream
Nectarine  Jam
Poached Market Nectarine

With Confectioner’s Custard $10
Or With Whipped Cream $9.50
Savoury Crepe: Vegan Pesto With Fresh Market Tomatoes (Vegan)

Or Roasted Pumpkin & Onion With Or Without Feta (Vegan Or Vegetarian)

Or Caramelised Havoc Porc With Jerusalem Artichoke Japanese Style (Ginger, Garlic And Tamari Sauce)

With Cheese Or Hummus
And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg  $10


Dunford Grove

dunford grove lake.jpg

Well, what a week for the heat!  Fortunately we have this beside us to cool off in.


Did you know?
It may be handy, but keeping your Extra Virgin Olive Oil beside the cook top is not a good idea, the sustained heat will ruin the oil quite quickly.    Heat & light are not good oil's friends so please keep your oil in a cool dark place.  Once opened ideally you should use your oil within 6 weeks.
Cooking with Olive Oil:  Yes you may cook with Olive oil, in fact it has a reasonably high smoke point compared to many other oils.  Cooking will loose some of the oil's flavour but not the health giving properties EVOO is renowned for.


Ettrick Gardens


New This Week

Greengages, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cauliflower & New Potatoes

“Fresh This Week”

Strawberries, Blueberries, Freshly Picked Apples Cherries & Plums

Spring Carrots, Fennel & Silverbeet. Potatoes, Parsley, Courgettes, Red Cabbage, Kumi Kumi Broccoli & Beetroot, Basil, Kale, Cavolo Nero, Cucumbers, Golden Beetroot, Spring Onions, Coloured Peppers

Super Special On

Strawberries 1 Kg Only $14, Purple & Gold Beetroot $3 A Bunch, New Potatoes 2kg @ $6


Please Recycle “Our” Pottles And Punnets Each Week.  There Will Be A Crate Under The Apple Table To Put Them In. Bring You Reusable Shopping Bags. Thank You

“Love Our Planet”


Ettrick Gardens

On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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NZ Nuts

NZ Nuts (2).jpg

I regret that on Thursday it appeared that Central Otago and coastal road conditions could be challenging on Friday with potential rock falls and/or flooding and have made the decision not to travel this week. I am also unable to come the following Saturday due to supporting family shift into a new home.  My apologies to customers – I look forward to being back with garlic and Black Krim tomatoes the following week.



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