This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

22nd August 2019

Hi there

Ash and Trailer.jpg

There is no doubt that Spring is just around the corner. The air smells differently and bulbs and trees are bursting back into life. The market has a great variety of plants for sale so bring some cheer into your weekend by checking them out!

Ash Cumberbeach, from GUD Coffee had spent about 15 years in the hospitality industry before striking out on her own with her customised coffee cart a while back. Her parents were big fans of Fat Cat Coffee from way back in the day so it was a natural choice of locally roasted beans for her to opt for. Nothing tastes as good as those Fat Cat beans.

While Fat Cat beans are now roasted on the West Coast of the South Island, rather than at Outram, they arrive with Ash the day after they are roasted and are superbly fresh and aromatic. Keeping it local is important to this vendor, fresh is best and she likes knowing the people behind the products she uses.

She uses Anchor milk because they re purpose their plastic bottles and all her non-dairy mylks use recyclable containers. Ash offers a loyalty card and 50c off each coffee in a keep cup. The spent coffee grinds end up in people’s gardens, first in first served!

Gud Coffee now do cash out with a coffee. They sell Fat Cat beans to take home and enjoy and every Saturday sees them caffeinating many regular market attendees.


See you Saturday

Best Regards





This Week in the kitchen

Jamalia is rocking out those flavours again in the market kitchen this week.  It's still stock pot weather, so she has Cardrona Merino lamb neck with Etterick Garden blackberries simmering away, that's a match made in Otago heaven!  For those days where you feel like a salad then the marinated Ettrick Gardens beetroot & amazing Goat Island Dairy chevre salad is worth making yourself.  And try the agria potatoes from Caithness Farm & leeks from Ettrick's in a rustic agria & leek gratin.  And top it all off with decadently delicious cookies made with LSA, Bay Road almond butter & Holy Cow's dulce de leche, bring it on! 

Grab a taste, a recipe sheet & some cooking tips on your way in the gate this weekend....

Marinated Beetroot and Goats Feta Salad

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Agria Leek Gratin.jpg

Agria and Leek Gratin

Produce from Holy Cow Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Slowcooked beef neck with blackberries.jpg

Slow Cooked Lamb Neck with Blackberries

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Almond Butter Cookies with Dulce Leche.jpg

Almond Butter Cookies with Dulce de Leche

Produce from Holy Cow

View Recipe


Bottle Aug 2019 Refillable.jpg (1)


The 500ml refillable wine bottles are back!

After a successful trial last year I've reintroduced a greater number of 500ml wine bottles.

You purchase the bottle once for $6.50 and after that you can swap the bottle and only pay for the wine, not the packaging.

This week I release a Single Vineyard Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc from 2018 for $16/ 500ml bottle. And a Central Otago Pinot Noir 2018 (which I made at the Dunedin city winery) for $24/500ml bottle.

In the coming months I hope to add a Riesling, Pinot Gris and some more Pinot Noir to the range available.

Plus I have a few limited stocks left of RESERVE Pinot Noir 2016 and Writer's Block Pinot Gris 2018 by the 750ml bottle. These are almost gone.

Come see me soon because I'm away for two weeks in September!






Dear beautiful People, 

Marie has expressed her wish to retire from the business La Crepe.

We have taken lots of thought in regards to the consequences.

Well-being and family come first, and it is not easy to have the perfect balance.

I, Christophe am still very passionate when it comes to cooking, and sincerely wish to continue serving you the same quality of Crepe and Galette.

Loving being part of the Saturday Otago Farmer’s Market, I came to the conclusion that I will not be able to operate the business as it is on a long term basis, due to the amount of work required to run four crepe plates.

As a result, from the 7th September 2019, I, Christophe Degas will run the business La Crepe on two plates with one other person.

Marie and Christophe

La Crepe



New: Lemon Curd or Passion Fruit with Low Sugar Pistachio Meringue and Whipped Cream $8

Jam of the Day: Feijoa

Sweet Crepe: Pear Delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce
Poached Pear
with Confectioner’s Custard $10.50
or with Whipped Cream $10

Savoury Crepe: Organic White Beans, Broccoli & Carrots, Shiitake & Button Mushroom with Tomato Sauce, Chili? (Vegan)

or Organic Cauliflower with Lemon Zest, Turmeric & Almond White Cream (Vegan)

or Caribbean Braised Pork with Vegetable

with Cheese or Hummus

and with Salad & Dressing or Egg  $10.50







(Brocoflower, green cabbage,

beetroot, onion, garlic & fennel seeds).

Made by Marie (from La Crepe stall) with Oamaru Organics certified organic vegetables

This is the last of this seasonal vegetable, make sure to have some!


Community Gate

Night Shelter Trust Logo.png

There is no doubt that there are homeless people in Dunedin every day and night. Regardless of circumstances, homeless people usually have two things in common: they have run out of options and their needs are urgent.  The Dunedin Night Shelter Trust will be collecting at the Otago Farmers Gates this weekend.  


Crooked Spaghetti

Tim Crooked Spag Profile Shot Web.jpeg

Tim from Crooked Spaghetti won't be at the market this weekend, but be sure to check out his delicious homemade sauces & pasta the following week....


Ettrick Gardens This Week

Blackberries 24th Aug.jpg

Spinach, Brightlights Silverbeet, Yams, Potatoes, Celery, Leeks, Celeriac, Coloured Carrots, Garlic, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Carrots, Shallots, Onions, Green Cabbage, Artichokes, Kale, Cavolo Nero, Spring Onions, Savoy Cabbage, 3 types Beetroot, Elephant Garlic, Parsley, Silverbeet, Walnuts & Pumpkin.

Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section.

Coloured Carrots, Parsnips, Beetroot (3 types), Yams, Washed Agria & Red Fantasy Potato

Crunchy Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji & Pacific Rose, Braeburn & Huaguan, Granny Smith, Sturmer, Pink Lady & Ballerat Cooking Apples. Beurre Bosc, Winter Nelis Pears. 

Frozen Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Tayberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries.

Check out our range of reuseable bags!!

Super Special’s this Week:

‘Elephant Garlic’ spray-free. A large clove of mild flavour garlic. Suitable for eating or growing.

‘Highlander’ Potatoes:  a smooth white skin, white flesh potato.  Great flavour, boiling,  mashing, baking, in stews and salads. A great all round potato.

Ettrick Gardens

on your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104, State Highway 8, Ettrick.

Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Pure Linen Otago Farmers Market Tea Towels Available Now!


Made with gorgeous super absorbent 100% pure linen, these tea towels are handmade & hand printed right here in Dunedin.  With rustic contrasting stitching, there are two options to choose from.  Limited edition with this current batch of a freshly crumbled soft denim look linen.  Give them a couple of washes & they’ll be drying those dishes for you!  $15 each.  You will find them at the market caravan at the Market awaiting your arrival!

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