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This Week at the Market

23rd April 2020

Hi there


How is life in your bubble?  It is starting to feel like the new “normal” for me, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not!

We wouldn’t have been having a market this week seeing as how Saturday falls on Anzac Day. However we are planning for when we hit Level 2 and the market resumes, this could be soon-ish if we all do our bit and play by the rules. We are very much looking forward to being back down at the market, as are our vendors. For many of them, your smiling, happy faces are their main point of social contact in a week and they’ve been missing you!

We were so delighted to take out the Best Farmer’s Market Award again this year, thanks to all of you who voted for us. We know that we have the very best farmers market in the land and now everyone else knows as well!

I got to talk with Jeff Harford on OAR FM last Friday which is always an enjoyable experience.  Jeff is such a great interviewer,  he is knowledgeable, well prepared and very easy to talk to. Have a listen here if you want.

I also got to pickle 3kgs of jalapenos for my beloved this week. Silly me didn't wear gloves and ended up with hands that were on fire for several days! I won't do that again!

Best regards


General Manager

Banner Image:  Matheson & Roberts.  


This Week in the kitchen

Good old fashioned home cooked baking is happening around the country right now.  Here's a good way to get those vegies in but still feel rewarded for our good behaviour.  This rustically good, spiced pumpkin cake with maple syrup cream cheese icing is making me put the jug on for a cuppa in anticipation!  And there's a tasty, nourishing & comforting lunch option if you have leeks (we hear that leeks are close to ready at Oamaru Organics & no doubt Wairuna Organics might have some soon & Ettrick Gardens have plenty right now) with these cheesey leeks on toast. 

Enjoy playing in the kitchen, these are super simple recipes to make...

Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Rosedale Orchard Willowbrook Orchard

View Recipe

Cheesey Leeks on Toast

View Recipe

Otago Farmers Market Wins the Coast People's Choice Outstanding Farmers Market for the Third Time!

outstanding award people choice.png

We are very happy we were chosen by popular public vote in the Outstanding Food Producers Awards nationwide; Coast People’s Choice Outstanding Farmers’ Market was - for the third time - Otago Farmers’ Market.  We would like to thank all of our fabulous customers, vendors, growers, producers, followers, volunteers, musicians, trustees and staff for making it the best and most popular farmers market in the country!  We are all looking forward to the day we can see you all back at the market on a Saturday morning, nothing beats the variety of food & produce, the friendly faces, the wonderful smells wafting from our ready to eat vendors stalls, the great tunes played live around the market, the sunshine on our faces & a good brisk breeze to wake us all up!


Otago Farmers Market Online Home Deliveries

my little local.png

Be sure to checkout & support our market vendors by buying local from your favourite stall holders online.  We currently have close to 20 online delivery options on our FREE Online Platform with the My Little Local App - follow this link  

Locally owned by husband & wife team, My Little Local have been a great partner for the Otago Farmers Market throughout this Covid crisis.  Their safe, free & easy to install App has been our little go-to on our mobile phones keeping us updated on all things local to Dunedin.  Weather reports, Covid alerts, etc & news as businesses are open for again in Level 3 & 2.  Note that terms & conditions of various vendors & daily product deals are being updated all the time & may change as we go through the various levels.  To go through to the vendors websites with latest deals you go into the My Little Local App, push the SHOP LOCAL button, then the FARMERS MARKET button to get some of our vendors  online delivery details.  



John and apples.jpg

COX ORANGE (Heritage Apple Eating and cooking)
GRANNY SMITH (Great cooking apple)
PACIFIC ROSE (Lovely eating and cooking)
NZ SWEETY (Gorgeously sweet as always)
GALAXY (New improved Royal Gala)
PACIFIC QUEEN (Nice fresh eating)
FUJI (Good All rounder)
GOLDEN DELICIOUS (Heritage Apple good fresh or cooked)

THE ICE-CREAM PEAR (Doyenne Du Comice -Super sweet + juicy)
WINTER COLE (Great keeper for winter deserts)

(Apples and Pears ) - ALL Single variety bags 5kg Bags each.

Mixing some varieties together same price as single variety bags.

Mixed VARIETY Bags for This week are:
Golden delicious and Galaxy Apples
Fuji and Ice-cream Pear
Cox Orange and Winter Cole Pear
Granny Smith and Pacific Queen Apples
Galaxy and Ice-cream Pear
Winter Cole Pear and Ice-cream Pears

ALL BAGS OF APPLES AND MIXED BAGS are $17 each (which includes fruit, transport, delivery and GST within Dunedin CBD).
Outside of the CBD are $20 ( which includes fruit, transport, delivery and GST).

THIS WEEK'S SUPER DEAL: ANY ORDER OVER 3 Bags to any one home can choose further bags at $12 each.

All enquires and orders (with full address and mobile phone number – ph number optional but makes delivery easier) email directly to:

Hint from Willowbrook Orchard Kitchen this week:
When making your regular vegetable soup in these cooler days add a little of your favourite fruit chopped up too.
Goes further and adds lovely flavour plus a few new vitamins :-)

Stay Safe *


Ettrick Gardens Deliveries

Ettricks.JPG (11)





EMAIL for an order form.

Orders delivered to your door by NZ Couriers within a few days of ordering.

Pay online by internet banking.

We are very much looking forward to getting back to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings sometime in the future??  Even though John keeps telling me he enjoys the 5 hour lie in each Saturday morning at present lol.

Keep safe good people.

See you soon.

Heather and John Preedy



Janefield Hydroponics - Lettuces, Herbs, Etc Available...

janefield.jpg (1)

If you live near Mosgiel....

Janefield Hydroponics will be open at level 3 for all your lettuce, herbs etc.

Wednesday 1pm until 4pm.

Saturday 10am until 1pm.

43 Guy Road Mosgiel. Look for the open flag.

Outside of these hours by arrangement tel 0274893622

Payment will be via internet banking, details of what's available will be up on our Facebook page in the next couple of days.

Sorry no delivery service at this stage.


Wairuna Organics Online Home Deliveries


Mixed seasonal organic veggie boxes can be delivered to your door.  $50 per box.  Free delivery in & around Dunedin & down to Invercargill.  Checkout their website for details on what is available & order online.


Wild Dispensary Checking In On You

Rest and Calm with Mortar and Pestle- EDITED.jpg

A few more weeks in our bubble’s… a check in from Wild Dispensary.

How’s everyone going out there? For most of us the recent restrictions on how we move in this world might have induced some anxiety or at least some extra comfort baking/eating...

Your adrenal glands are what help you respond to stress and they produce 3 hormones that help and they have some pretty full on responsibilities:

  • Adrenaline
  • Aldosterone
  • Cortisol

So basically the idea of these 3 is to keep us balanced and in homeostasis (the body’s preferred natural state). But if we are stressed and anxious for a longer period of time, our body can struggle to get us back on track and sometimes that is when we need a bit of a hand… 

So right now at home - what can you do? 

  • TRY and go to sleep at a normal(ish) time. A hot bath/nice shower might help with setting up a better night routine that pre-empts sleep.
  • Consider wearing an eye mask to block out any extra light - darkness helps with melatonin production which supports a deeper more restful sleep
  • Try having something ‘green’ at 3pm. A smoothie/nettle tea/green tea even.
  • Stop trying to do EVERYTHING.
  • It is ok to not be ok.
  • Consider adjusting what you are eating - just a little. LOTS of sugar/wine/caffeine sounds great fun (and it is) but too much can make you feel worse later on.
  • Get outside at least once a day. Even if it is only to walk around your house. Air is helpful. Change of scenery is good.
  • Consider plants.Chamomile in particular has been used FOREVER to help support your nervous system. It is effective and useful for treating mild anxiety, insomnia and digestive upsets, particularly when they are related to stress and tension. PLUS is a really safe sedative for all ages. So great for supporting healthy sleep. Californian Poppy is also great for helping support your nervous system, it helps regulate stress and also promotes health sleep.
  • Our Rest and Calm is formulated to help support your nervous system and sleep patterns. With Organic Dunedin Chamomile + Central Otago Californian poppy help to support your cortisol levels, reduce worrying thoughts, anxiety levels and help to support more restful sleep. We make a specific KIDS version too - so options for the whole family.

Use the Code on our website RESTANDCALM over at for 15% off until the end of Level 3 (Hopefully!) on the 12th May.

Skye and the WD team. Much love x


Editors Note:  I have to admit I am hitting my bottle of Rest & Calm at the mo & it tastes so blimmin good!  Helps with those vivid dreams & restless sleep!  

Michele - Assistant Manager



Greetings from Dunford Grove


Well, the shed project isn't looking too bad!  Fancy a tour?

Left to right: Orchard sprayer, we use this at flowering, an organic boron application that helps with fruit set followed by an organic seaweed fertilizer. "Olinet", a mobile  upside down umbrella net for hand olive picking.  The mega vacuum for picking up the Hazel nuts.  RTV = Grove work horse!  Mower.  Empty chemical lock box left by our predecessors, and the 1000 litre pod is where we brew our fungal and bacterial "teas".

Did you know?  Next week marks our 5th anniversary of taking over this property and what an awesome amount we've learnt since then!  For example:  Hydroxytyrosol has now been shown to protect the brain from the effects of aging and the most efficient way to meet your intake of this compound is through daily Extra Virgin Olive Oil consumption.


Where's Wally?

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