Warm up from the wintry weather with some quality produce!

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Warm up from the wintry weather with some quality produce!

24th May 2018

Hi there


Some of you may have noticed last week that a new vendor had started up on the platform. Urbn Vino is the new kid on the block selling wine made in Dunedin from Central Otago pinot noir grapes. This is the brain child of Brendan Seal, an experienced Central Otago winemaker who has established a permanent urban winery in the historic Terminus building opposite Queens’ Gardens. Apart from offering bottles of delicious pinot noir, Urbn Vino are selling 500ml screw cap, refillable glass bottles with hand-crafted pinots of Brendan’s making. Return the bottle and replace with a fresh one. Brendan will be at the market every week to talk you through the intricacies of wine making and pinot enjoyment. Find him next to Steamer Basin Brewing.

There has been a changing of the guard on the OFM Trust. Long term chair Rodger Whitson has stood down as has long term Trustee Pat Johnston. Both of these amazing people have given thousands of hours of voluntary work to the farmers market over the past 10 years or so. Rodger has been an awesome chair offering tons of practical advice and know how. He has been my go to man whenever something has broken or I need a second opinion around managing the market site. We are very thankful that, as a vendor, he will still be at the market every week because really we need him!! Pat has brought all her conference and event management skills to the party. She knows everybody, is never afraid of hard work and has spear headed the produce bag project that has been such a hit at the market. She actually made the first several hundred bags that we had and now sources all the recycled fabric for others to sew. I’m not sure what I will do without her either. She has offered me so much great advice and ongoing support.

Sharyn Crawford has stepped into the chair role with Jeremy Anderson as her Deputy. Both have been trustees for quite some time, particularly Sharyn who has rolled over at least 6 years in the role. Both are fired up to be in the roles and will ensure that the market moves into the next stage under great leadership and direction. Watch this space!

On a personal note I would like to thank all the trustees, past and present, that volunteer to make our market what it is today. Often an invisible, thankless role I’ve seen the dedication, passion, time and integrity that they bring to the role to make sure that the market stays true to its principles and continues to deliver to all our wonderful customers and vendors.


See you Saturday



This Week in the kitchen

The temperatures this week have really dropped and are trying to chill us to the bone. To gallantly combat such a fate Jack is in the kitchen with the most delightful winter warming dishes. Especially the English Onion Soup which looks to make the Kitchen a number one stop at the market this weekend!

if you would like a printable copy of the recipes this week click here

English onion soup

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Yoghurt Panna Cotta with roasted plums.jpg

Yoghurt Panna Cotta with roasted plums

Produce from Earnscleugh Orchard

View Recipe
Roasted cauliflower risotto with hazelnuts.jpg

Roasted cauliflower risotto with hazelnuts

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe
Braised cabbage with havoc bacon.jpg

Braised cabbage with havoc bacon

Produce from Ettrick Gardens

View Recipe

La Crepe

la crepe working.JPG

Jam Of The Day:  Rhubarb $5.50 

Sweet Crepe: Pear & Chocolate Twist, Chocolate Sauce, Poached  Pear With Confectioner’s Custard $10 Or With Whipped Cream $9.50
Savoury Crepe: Roasted Parsnip, Jerusaleum Artichoke & Silverbeet With Lemon Zest And Cream (Vegan) Or Organic Pinto Beans & Carotts, Herbs Tomato Sauce &

Smoked Paprika  (Vegan) Or Beef “Provencale” With Cheese Or Hummus And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg  $10


Holy Cow


This week we will only have milk,

600ml bottles for $2.50 with bottle return


The cows are also feeling the cold this week.


Ettrick Gardens

ettrick yams.jpg

14 Varieties Of Apples & 5 Pear Varieties Royal Gala, Aztec, Pacific Rose, Huaguan, Cox’s Orange & Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Ballerat Cooking Apples, Eve, Braeburn, Granny Smith, & Red Delicious & Sturmer Apples. Please Note, We Do Not Export, So We Use Less Sprays J. Doyenne Du Comice, Winter Nelis, Beurre Bosc, Taylors Gold & Quince Pears

Agria, Red Fantasy,  Red Ruby, Heather, Highlander, Jelly & Anushka Potatoes, Fennel, Fresh Bunched Baby Carrots, Kale, Cavolo Nero, Silverbeet, Gold Beetroot, Daikon, Savoy Cabbage, Leeks, Pumpkin, & Beetroot, Coloured Carrots, Cauliflowers, Carrots, Pumpkin, Yams & Brussel Sprouts, Frost Sweetened Parsnips, Parsley, Chillies, Broccoflower, And Celery, Jerusalem Artichokes, Gourmet Washed Potatoes 

Super Special’s This Week

Potatoes 5kg @ $6 Broccoflower Only $2.50 Quince Pears $2 A Kg

Please Recycle “Our” Pottles And Punnets Each Week.

There Will Be A Crate Under The Apple Table To Put Them In. Please Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags. Thank You “Love Our Planet”

Ettrick Gardens

On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Chinese Gardens Fundraising

chinese gardens.jpg

This week at the community stall is the Chinese gardens doing some fundraising selling tulip bulbs.


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