This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

24th October 2019

Hi there

Wow the long weekend is almost upon us! We are super excited about this because the first of the new potatoes will be for sale. Oamaru Organics are back with Jersey Benne spuds! Nothing says spring like the first taste of those waxy little beauties.

It looks as though we may get some decent weather as well so BBQ’s will be getting dusted off to bring in the season. We are spoilt for choice at the market when it comes to delicious meats to cook, nibbles to have pre dinner and fresh local strawberries to follow.

And if you haven’t the time to make delicious salads to go with it all then go and visit our new vendor up on the platform. Annette from Salad Days is making delicious, vegan salads which she will sell to you in re-usable glass jars or she will happily fill your own container.  She offers a soup as well and some delicious vinaigrettes.  All Annette’s salads are made with seasonal fresh produce sourced from market vendors, where possible, and as the season comes on, from her own garden.

Wild Larder (formerly Wild Smokehouse) is back this week with their scrumptious salami's and smoked salmon. They are now working in collaboration with Blue Mountain Butchery who are making their products for them. Also Afife from Lebanese Cuisine returns to the market this week after a month away in Lebanon and Italy. Many of you have been asking when she is back so her timing is impeccable as you can stock up for the long weekend.

A few vendors are taking the opportunity to have a long weekend with family or to celebrate significant life events. Thomas from Straight up Vegan is celebrating his 21st and Matt from the Tart Tin is taking the weekend off.

Our 'work in progress' WASTE AUDIT is at the bottom of this newsletter to let you know how you can all be involved in a more sustainable market experience.    

See you Saturday.


General Manager



This Week in the kitchen

Mmm, who doesn't like chocolate!  Vegan chocolate sauce made with tahini and Ronia & Pippi hazelnut mylk sounds delicious, can't wait to try it this weekend when Nickee from The Port Larder whips up her easy, tasty dishes in the Market Kitchen.  She has some nice long weekend treats for you to try as you walk in the main gate & recipes you can take with you as we are into the last week of NZ Vegetarian Month.  

Amazing Vendors This Week:

Gado Gado Style Salad with Peanut Sauce:

Wairuna Organics Spring Onions, Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs, Jia He Asian Food Mung Beans & Tofu Puffs, BAY Rd Chilli Peanut Butter. 

Brown Lentil Curry:

The Port Larder Beetroot and Orange Relish, Salad Days Seasonal Slaw, Wairuna Organics Coriander Root. 

Vegan Chocolate Sauce:

Waitaki Orchard Apricot Galette, Ronia & Pippi Hazelnut Mylk.


Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Produce from Ronia and Pippi Waitaki Orchards

View Recipe
Bay Rd Chilli.jpg

Gado Gado Style Salad with Peanut Sauce

Produce from Ronia and Pippi Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Jia He Asian Food Manufacturer

View Recipe

Brown Lentil Curry

Produce from The Port Larder

View Recipe

Otago Organics is back…

Our signature salad mixes topped with edible spring flowers come in two sizes and their freshness means that they will keep for a week in the fridge if well sealed.  We are happy to fill your own container or bag and they can come with or without flowers.

We still have globe artichokes and a few bulb fennel as well as lots of fresh bunched herbs and green leafy vegetables.  

Have you tried our dried rose products?  These include roses for cooking and rose teas combined with refreshing and healthy herbs.

See you on Saturday.



Ettrick Gardens Specials


Purple Sprouting Broccoli / Broccoletto is In Season Now!!

Frill Lettuce, Silverbeet, Coloured Carrots, Garlic, Cauliflower, Carrots, Onions, Kale, Brightlights Silverbeet, Spring Onions, Washed Potatoes. Potatoes, Beetroot, Elephant Garlic, Gourmet Carrots, Baby Beetroot, Walnuts.  Parsley.

Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section. Orange, Purple & Yellow Coloured Carrots, Gold & Red Beetroot and Washed Agria & Red Fantasy Potatoes.

Crunchy Royal Gala & Pacific Rose, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Cox’s Orange, Pink Lady Apples.

Bunches of Beautiful Tulips.

Frozen Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Tayberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries. 

Check out our range of reuseable bags!!

Super Special’s this Week:

Purple Carrots:   Purple carrots are exceptionally good for you. They contain powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins that have impressive effects on your health. Eating purple carrots may improve heart health, encourage weight loss, reduce inflammation and your risk of cancer.   They taste great too.

Cauliflowers Sprayfree.

Boysenberries free flow 1 kg $10.  Great with Yoghurt or Ice Cream, or stock up your Jam supply!! Delicious.

‘Red Fantasy’ Potatoes:  A smooth red skin, yellow flesh potato. Great flavour, roasting, boiling, mashing, baking, in stews and salads.  A great all round potato.

Ettrick Gardens

on your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104,  

State Highway 8, Ettrick.

Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Leckies Butchery Specials

leckies Logo.jpg

Our specials for market this week: 

Blade $15.95kg

Pork chops $15.95kg

Cheerios $7.95kg


Kapowai Brewing Co.

on holiday-01.jpg

We are away from the market this week (26 October). In the meantime, you can refill bottles at the Kind Grocer on Vogel Street, or Taste Nature on High Street. Prefilled 750ml bottles can be found at Kind Grocer, Taste Nature and Fresh Choice Supermarket in Roslyn.

We look forward to seeing you guys when we are back on 2 November.

~Heidi & Dave x

Apologies from the OFM as we omitted from last week's newsletter that Kapowai were away.  


La Crepe Special for Labour Weekend


Jam of the Day: Blackcurrent and Rhubarb $6

The Creation: Passion Fruit or Lemon Curd with Low Sugar Hazelnut Meringue and Whipped Cream $8

Sweet Crepe: Apple & Blueberry delicacy
Butterscotch Sauce, poached
with Confectioner’s Custard $ 10.50
or with Whipped Cream $10

Savoury Crepe:

Organic Brocoflower, Pumpkin and Onion, Dried Sultana with Asian Curry Nut Cream (Vegan) OR

Hot Smoked Manuka Wareou Fish

with Cheese or Hummus

and with Salad & Dressing or Egg  $10.50



Pop Up Cropped.jpeg


Blue label: Red & green cabbage, fennel, cauliflower, onion, garlic, Cumin & coriander seeds

Green label:  Cabbage, Broccoli, broccoflower & ginger

Pink label: Cabbage, Broccoli & Yams KIMCHI STYLE

Made by Marie (from La crepe Stall) with Oamaru Organic’s certified organic vegetables. 



Community Stall

2019 FAIR POSTER A4 Steiner.jpg

The Steiner School and Kindergarten will be selling raffles at the market this weekend, which will be drawn at the School Fair on Sunday 3rd November. The proceeds from the raffle and the fair will go towards our exciting building projects at the school - building new classrooms for our growing roll.


Otago Farmers Market WASTE AUDIT October 2019 - Quick Overview to Date.

Work in progress... 

What are we doing well?

All the following vendors will happily fill YOUR container with their product.

  • Straight up Vegan – take home burger mix.
  • Evansdale Cheese
  • Goat Island Dairy – cheese into your container.
  • Kapowai Brewery – fill your own bottle with kombucha.
  • Brightside Microgreens – 10% more microgreens if you use your own container.
  • Bay Road Peanut Butter – fill your own container or swap out a jar for a fresh one.
  • Catlins Kitchen and True Brew – happy to fill your own with dips and chips. Accept returned  beer bottles to reuse.
  • Whitestone Cheese
  • Jacobs Dream – will take your container, sterilise it and have full for the following week.
  • Salad Days – fill your own with salad.


The following produce vendors totally support you filling your own bag:

  • Wairuna Organics – bag your own area.
  • Ettrick Gardens – bag your own.
  • Oamaru Organics – no plastic available.
  • Waikouaiti Gardens – happy to transfer into your own bag.
  • Kakanui Produce – make sure you have your own produce bags.
  • Otago Organics
  • Caithness Farm
  • Willowbrook Orchard
  • Rosedale Orchard
  • Earnscleugh Fruit Co-OP
  • Waitaki Orchard
  • Terracotta Plants

All ready to eats are served in home compostable packaging but these vendors are all VERY happy for you to bring your own container to eat from.

Virtually all tasting glasses are made from glass and are washed and sterilised between users.


These vendors will re –fill THEIR own containers:

  • Dunford Grove - get $5 off your next bottle of oil if you bring your old one back clean and dry.
  • Port Larder – return plastic punnets and glass jars for re use.
  • Salad Days – refills of salad.
  • Kapowai Brewery – fill their bottles with Kombucha.
  • Wild Dispensary – bring the bottle back for re-use and they donate $ to the Dunedin Wild Life Hospital for every bottle returned.
  • Blueskin Bay Honey – takes their jars back for re-use.
  • Hammerhead Foods – Kiss Kombucha will reuse their bottles.
  • Agreeable Nature – takes back egg cartons as does Anne Robertson Free Range Eggs.
  • Urbn Vino – refillable 500ml wine bottles.
  • Ronia and Pippi – take back juice and mylk bottles to reuse.
  • Janefield Hydroponics – takes back strawberry punnets, sleeves and grow pots to reuse.
  • Ettrick Gardens – take back all berry punnets of theirs to reuse.
  • Holy Cow – reuse of milk bottles.
  • Goat Island Dairy – reuse of milk bottles.


Meat, Poultry and Fish are the difficult items because of food hygiene laws. Currently:

  • Harbour Fish use fully home compostable bags for their fillets. Bring your own container for whole fish.
  • Blue Mountain Butchery – home compostable sausage trays and fully bio-degradable natural fibrous casing on smaller salamis.
  • Others are assessing the options available.


Our success with further reducing waste at the market requires you the customer to be well prepared when you come to shop. BYO bags, cups, containers, cutlery and talk to the vendors to encourage them to keep moving towards a zero waste market.


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