Stonefruit Nirvana

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Stonefruit Nirvana

25th January 2018

Hi there

stone fruit 2018.jpg

The Trust met for a strategic planning session this week. The market turns 15 in a couple of months (watch out for news of the celebration!!) so to reflect on where it has come from , how it has evolved and what the future holds is challenging and exciting in equal mix!

Some of the key principles that we feel start to embrace the “story” of the market’s evolution are connectedness, community, responsibility, respectfulness, authenticity and resilience.  These principles apply not only to the market as a whole but also to all the supporters of the market – you the customer, the vendors, the Trust, volunteers, staff and buskers all contribute to the narrative of the market.

So yes we will be celebrating our 15th birthday in March – proudly – and we want everyone to feel part of that celebration because we are all part of upholding  the market community.

As you may be aware the DCC is trialing for a few days making the area in front of the Railway Station pedestrian only. For the purposes of this trial period only buses will be parked on Anzac Avenue taking up 10 car parks that you might otherwise use. Please be patient and remember that it is for one Saturday only.


See you Saturday




This Week in the kitchen

Its getting to that time when we all try to capture a little bit of this fabulous summer to enjoy the rest of the year with a bit of preserving. Kate is in the kitchen this week starting off with some Courgette Pickle. While your at it you might as well take a peak at the other tasty dishes we have this week and get ready to stock up on produce in bulk!

For a PDF or this weeks recipes click here

Cherry Clafoutis

Produce from Earnscleugh Orchard

View Recipe
Courgette Pickle.jpg

Courgette Pickle

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe
Garlic Infused Pasta with fresh Tomato Sauce and Olives.jpg

Garlic Infused Pasta with fresh Tomato Sauce and Olives

Produce from Kakanui Produce

View Recipe
Courgette and Gruyere Galette.jpg

Courgette and Gruyere Galette

Produce from Oamaru Organics Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Caithness Farm Ltd Ettrick Gardens Waikouaiti Gardens Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics

View Recipe

Waste educator


Every week our wonderful, loyal and dedicated volunteers ensure that our waste streams do not get contaminated at the market.

We would love to expand this team and are calling for volunteers. It's a couple of hours every month or fortnight - you decide . Not only would you be doing the planet a big favour but you'd have fun as part of our team and get to really tap the feel good factor!


Get In Touch


Railway Station - trial closure information and feedback

railway station and bag.jpg

The Dunedin City Council will be closing the space in front of the Railway Station to vehicles as part of a short trial this week.  For some time, DCC has received feedback on the impact of parked buses and vehicles on the Railway Station’s appearance. Creating a pedestrian space in front of the Railway Station will improve safety and give locals and tourists better views of one of the city’s best loved buildings.

The trial will run from Thursday 25 January to Sunday 28 January (inclusive). The area will be open again on Monday, 29 January.

For the trial, bus parks will be relocated at either end of the station on Anzac Avenue and SH1. On Anzac Avenue, 10 car parks will be used for bus parking during the trial, but any permanent closure would maintain the number of on-street car parks. On SH1 south of the Railway Station, five car parks will be used for bus parking. The DCC will consider using this area for bus parking if a permanent closure goes ahead.  Mobility parking will remain next to the ramp outside the station, with access from the south end, and cyclists will still be able to ride through.

DCC is keen to hear feedback on the trial.  An online form can be completed at


Matheson & Roberts

Sweet Peas.jpg

Sweet Peas- arranged into traditional fans or posies. Find them on the stand of Matheson and Roberts  - supplier's of Sweet Peas at the Otago Farmers Market since 2004.


Ettrick Gardens


New This Week

“Kumi Kumi”

A Tasty Round Courgette Style Veggie Great Stuffed With Your Favourite Filling. Coloured Peppers Also Freshly Picked Apples

“Fresh This Week”

Strawberries,  Blueberries & Plums

Spring Carrots, Fennel & Silverbeet Potatoes, Parsley, Courgettes, Red Cabbage Broccoli & Beetroot, Basil, Kale, Cavolo Nero, Cucumbers Golden Beetroot, Spring Onions

Super Special On

Strawberries 1 Kg Only $14 Purple & Gold Beetroot $3 A Bunch Fennel  Only $2.50 A Head Parsley – Curly & Itialian $1.50 A Bunch


Please Recycle “Our” Pottles And Punnets Each Week. There Will Be A Crate Under The Apple Table To Put Them In. Bring You Reusable Shopping Bags. Thank You

“Love Our Planet”

Ettrick Gardens

On Your Right At The Main Gate, Or Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick.  Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Dunford Grove

oil extraction.jpg

Warm in Central Otago this week with just maintenance and a catch-up in the garden happening.

Did you know?

In Europe there are two types of oil extraction, firstly there's the cold pressing of the fruit yielding wonderful Extra Virgin Olive oil.  Then, some of these processors sell their vegetable waste to secondary processors.  This secondary process uses heat and chemicals to strip the small amount of remaining oil.  Now with this heat there's no way this oil will be anything near Extra Virgin but much of this is labeled and sold as such.  Some of these producers are honest enough to add a small percentage of true Extra Virgin Olive Oil and call it "Light" EVOO, this doesn't mean low fat just "light-on" Extra Virgin Oil! Please, always look for EVOO carrying independent certification, such as the NZ Olives mark or the Central Otago Olive Growers mark, showing that the oil is true to label.



Our Food Network Harvest

Our food network 2.JPG

Neighbourhood Food Harvest is GO!

Our main project to harvest food by neighbours within Dunedin neighbourhoods is set to kick off with lots of delicious fruit being ready for the picking.
In previous years we have donated most of the fruit to Presbyterian Support Otago and this year we would like to also donate some to Malcam Trust to help with youth training programme of teaching young people how to use excess fruit.
If you are interested at all in volunteering to harvest or to donate your trees (and you have never been contacted by us before - meaning you are not on the list), then please get in touch asap.

Malcam Charitable Trust

Do you have any plums ready for harvesting and would to donate them to Malcam Trust?
The Malcam Trust is collecting up plums to run some "plum sauce" making workshops with Malcam Youth and Supergrans.  If you are interested or have a tree near you that you can donate please email with details.  Ideally we would like a phone number too.


La Crepe News


Dear Customers,

We are on holiday and will be back at the farmer's market Saturday 3rd February,

Wishing you all a lovely summer,

La Crepe team

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