This Week at the Farmers Market

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This Week at the Farmers Market

29th October 2022

Hi there

Murray .jpeg (1)

Wasn't it good to have a hot day or so over the long weekend! And to see the Market heaving like the good old days - full to the brim at times over the morning. 

Ettrick Gardens are back this week. Nigel at Oamaru Organic’s is probably another few weeks away (an unusually cold October has delayed growth & there is no point turning up empty handed as even the potatoes aren’t ready due to that heavy frost last month) but good things take time... and sunshine!

We farewell Youth Grow this weekend.  Murray will be missed along with the friendly YG team.  His many years of dedication to sharing knowledge of plants is legendary.  His neighbours Bronwyn & Graeme up on the platform wanted to do a shout out - Juiced Up would like to thank Murray of Youth Grow for his friendliness, kindness & helpfulness since we moved in next to him. He went above & beyond as a neighbour and we have appreciated him being part of this great market. Very sad to see him go. Good luck out there, & if you're ever thirsty, juices on us.  B & G. 

And from all of us here at OFM, thank you Youth Grow for your contribution to the Market.

Last weekend I tried out the kanelbullar – a traditional Swedish bun from Breads & More– it’s a soft & chewy cardamon dough with sweet buttery cinnamon filling – very nice indeed (and I am quite particular about these things!).  My other favourite foodie thing recently, was the vegan blue cheese at Boden Deli on the platform – I do love a good cheese, even ones made with activated cashews, white miso and other delectables – be adventurous!  It’s always good to discover the new along with tried & true Market favourites. And, speaking of new – I’m happy to report that Soul Chai has a new owner Daniel & the stall will be back this weekend with freshly brewed marsala chai.  Made with Holy Cow milk and a coconut milk version, be sure to bring your keep cup or grab one off the cup library – Daniel will be ready from 8am Saturday mornings in the same posi up on the platform - you will be smell the aromatic's before you find the stall!  You are bound to find Halloween baking from some of our bakers this weekend for the littlies as well.

Congrats to Princes St Butcher for winning Bronze at the recent Sausage Awards for their Lincolnshire pork sausages – made with 100% fresh pork shoulder from Havoc Farmed Pork (their Market neighbour across from them). I love all the Market collaborations that come from our smart thinking vendors. 

A few of our vendors are looking for hard working, friendly additional staff at their stalls, have a chat with me if you are looking for Saturday work.  Dunford Grove and Judge Rock need some personality plus, knowledgeable front people who are passionate about their products & often I will be aware of others requiring staff.  

For those of you who maybe isolating or homebound we have a few vendors that can deliver to your door during the weekBrightside Microgreens, Gilberts Fine Foods, Ettrick Gardens, Waewae, Ronia & Pippi, Agreeable Nature Eggs, Blue Mountain Butchery, Tartan Sari, Dunford Grove, Evansdale Cheese, Oamaru Organics, Port Larder, Harbour Fish, Havoc Pork, Blueskin Bay Honey, Wild Dispensary, Judge Rock Wines, Hazelnut Estate, Matheson & Roberts, Bennies Honey, Whitestone Cheese, NZ Nuts, Breads & More, Dunedin Craft Distillery, Princes St Butchery & others.  You can find their details in our ORDER NOW button on our website

Bring CASH as some of our vendors are cash only. Remember your keep cup / mug (if you forget, check with your beverage vendor if they have spares to borrow to save on a single use throw out cups – which are just not cool!), I will keep supplying them with cups where needed, it’s up to us all to make use of this.  And remember your containers, produce bags, etc.    

Remember, that only all our authenticated, verified Otago Farmers Market vendors are all within our gates who have our tick of approval.  Make sure you support them inside the Market carpark & platform & you will get a quality product. 

Please respect everyone’s space & feel free to wear your mask. 

Shop your way around Otago this weekend…. at the Market!  See you there.

Wishing you well. 

Ngā mihi


Market Manager

Header Image:  Dolce Vita

Insert Image:  Murray at Youth Grow


This Week in the kitchen

I am excited to head up to Dunford Grove on the platform this weekend to grab some more olive oil for the flat and give this cake a go! Isabella (Assistant Manager)

Basil, Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Basil Cream Cheese Filling

Produce from Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Bennie's Honey Blueskin Bay Honey Dunford Grove

View Recipe

Silverbeet with smashed potatoes

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Dunford Grove Caithness Farm Ltd

View Recipe

Ettrick Gardens Market Specials

etrrick.jpg (2)

Buy direct from the grower!!! Better quality at a better price!!!

Frill lettuce, soil-grown & spray-free 

Spray-free cauliflower

Parsley & spring onions are also spray-free

Washed Taties 1.5KG only $5 Assorted varieties

Spray-free silverbeet & Brightlights silverbeet- only $3.00 per bunch😊

Spray-free Jerusalem artichokes - 1 KG only $4

Royal Gala, Pink Lady, and Pacific Queen Apples

Granny Smith, Pacific Rose, Braeburn, & Fuji apples 

Spray-free spinach

Potatoes: Red Fantasy - A tasty general-purpose potato. Boiled, mashed, roasted, salad, or chips.

Most of our vegetables are spray free! 

Frozen free-flow strawberries, mixed berries, boysenberries, tayberries, blackberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants.


Our courier service to your door is available anytime.

Or “click & collect” from us at the Otago Farmers Market or our Ettrick shop.

Email for our latest order form and we can add you to our weekly update. 

Ettrick Gardens: On your right at the main gate, or rapid 5104, state highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago. 03 446 6863. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook


Dunedin Craft Distillers

dunedin Distil.jpg (1)

We are back on the platform this Saturday. We will have our 250mil bottles of our spirits, these make a perfect gift, either singularly or a selection in a gift box.

We will also have our 500mil and 750mil bottles of our Dunedin Dry, The Bay and Cacao Vodka.

See you on the platform for chat. Jenny and Sue


Stonehurst Gourmet - Herb of the Week

Stonehurst.jpg (6)

CATNIP (Nepta cataria) 😺❤️😺

Most cats tend to love this plant and will both eat and roll around in it causing them to experience "a state of sheer bliss".

While the effects are not the same for humans it can be used as a tea which can help relieve fevers & colds, headaches, and upset stomachs, as well as being a mild sedative.

A perennial that grows in either full sun or partial shade in well-drained soils. A beautiful plant in the garden with grey-green foliage and white/lilac flower spires that attracts bees.

Protection is required from cats when planted outside as they will attack and can eventually destroy the plant as they indulge. 

Catnip scent can help repel rats.


Dunford Grove

dunford.jpg (21)

The mornings have finally warmed up so we’re underway with pruning. Because we don’t use weed/grass killer, the line trimmers gets a workout clearing around trunks and irrigation, not too flash when you find the irrigation with the mower! Strip between the rows is where I’ve mulched the foliage, and the stack behind is next years firewood, about 30 trees worth there.

It’s actually quite a peaceful undertaking now we’ve gone carbon zero (battery) with the chainsaw and trimmer!

Did you know?  Why mulch? We’re trying to return as much to the soil as possible and build soil carbon. During regular mowing we mulch too but not as short, keeping 50-80mm grass length helps with moisture retention.

Help wanted:  Would you like to be “me” at the market three Saturdays a month? It’s a bit of a hike from here every week and it would be great to share the fun of the platform with someone who loves olive oil and is as keen on local as we are. Interested? See me on the platform Saturday.  Sandy


No.8 Distillery

The No. 8 Distillery team will be up on the platform with our award winning little Ouzo. They will also have a range of other liquors including a fresh batch of Limoncello, Peach liqueur, Pineapple Rum and the world's best contemporary Horopito Gin & so much more! I will have plenty of samples available this Saturday.  Julien


Marie's Plant Based Food Specials:

Maries.png (7)

ALL VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE (may contain traces of gluten)  

What is our latest creation: KIMCHI VEGAN CHEESE!

Made from spray-free soybeans & organic chickpeas, with dry chives, onion, garlic, ginger, Korean pepper and culture. The texture of the spread is creamy, and the round one is more mellow.

It tastes like kimchi with 2 levels of spice now available (mild or medium).

You are welcome to try our sample of this new creation, made only for you, at the Farmers Market!  See you there, Marie.



 - *Sauerkraut (onion & garlic $14. Just cabbage $13) for 380g

- *Kimchi - mild, medium or hot is available, please let me know which one would you like – $15 for 380g

           (cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic & Korean red pepper & chilli)


- #Daikon MEDIUM/HOT KIMCHI STYLE - $14 for 360g

-Almost finished *Red & green cabbage, #carrots, *broccoli, #pakchoi, #celery, capsicum, onion, ginger, galangal, garlic, lemon grass, Korean pepper, - MEDIUM KIMCHI STYLE - $15 for 360g

- #Carrots, #beetroot, #celery, ginger, turmeric & horopito leaves - $15 for 360g

                                  * organic #spray free

FRESH TEMPEH: Mung beans, brown rice, & sunflower seeds

Freshly made every week from different beans, cereals, and seeds. 

1 packet (225g) for $8 or 2 packets for $15 - enquire if you would like more.


270g jar for $6: Strawberry, quince 1 mix: Gooseberry, pear and banana. 

Feijoa $6.50 

1 mix: Gooseberry & blueberry: $7 

1 mix: Blueberry, strawberry, & raspberry: $7

340g jar for $7: Peach, plum, apricot, rhubarb, and nectarine 

1 mix: 310g for $8 - Pear & raspberry

1 mix: 310g for $8 -Gooseberry, peach & raspberry


SPECIAL: Feijoa low-sugar jam, vegan custard & roasted hazelnut $8.50  

BANOFFEE: date butterscotch, vegan custard & fresh banana $9

BOUNTY: dark chocolate & shredded coconut custard $8.50 

TEMPEH BURGER: $11: Choose between crunchy peanut sauce, plum & spices sauce, or tomato and olive sauce. Add some of my popular kimchi, sauerkraut, or purple pickled vegetable.

They all have an organic, fresh tempeh patty, green salad, sprouts and mayonnaise.

VEGAN CHEESE SANDWICH: $8: Choose between pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, or both. Served with salad. Available with herbs or kimchi cheese.

HERBS VEGAN CHEESE: Made from NZ spray-free soybeans & organic chickpeas, and culture. There are now 3 choices of cheese: herb cheese, mild kimchi, and medium kimchi. All are available in a spread or round mellow.

 *Spread 180g for $7    *Round cheese 120g for $9


Kiwi Harvest ‘Pay it Forward Bin’


The bin will be near the Market caravan at the main middle gate - look for a flag on top & if you feel like donating something extra from your shop then Kiwi Harvest will collect each Saturday lunch time.  


Gate Appeal: Pink Ribbon Street Appeal

breast cancer .png

There will be collectors from the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal at the gates this weekend!

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s iconic Pink Ribbon Street Appeal has been running for almost twenty years and is one of their biggest fundraisers. The appeal is held during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October each year. 

The money raised during the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal helps fund vital work in breast cancer education, research, patient support and advocacy. The Foundation receives no government funding so events like this are what keep them going.



Keeping Well

Everyone welcome but PLEASE STAY AWAY IF UNWELL (vendors & customers).

Please only handle food & produce that you are going to buy.  

Please respect everyone’s space & feel free to wear your mask. 

Please sneeze into your elbow.


Feel Free to Share this Newsletter with Your Community.

Communities helping Communities

Support LOCAL Small Businesses

No Dogs allowed in the Market apart from care dogs.

No Fliers / Pamphlets to be distributed at the Market please.  

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