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29th November 2018

Hi there

delicious dunedin.jpg

This dratted weather has meant that there will be no more asparagus at the market this season. Rod and Nic got flooded out and in order to protect the crowns for further years they made the difficult decision to call it a day.

On a bright note though Earnscleugh  Co-Op will be back with the first of the season’s cherries. These glowing little jewels never fail to enchant.

If we get a few days of hot weather there will be an abundance of everything we love, hang in their folks it’s bound to happen soon!

Take a run by the merchandise available at the market for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. Delicious Dunedin, a truly local, funny, engaging read with excellent recipes is for sale at the very competitive price of $45, plus we have other items to help you and yours reduce single usage of anything! Market gift vouchers are also a really popular gift idea. We can do these up in a nice little folder for you.

There will be NO extra market this Christmas. You will be able to buy all your Christmas produce at the market on 22nd December. More details on this market as we get closer. Our market runs 52 weeks a year so there will be a fresh supply of fruit and veg arriving for 29th Dec and 5th January – stone fruit season is almost upon us!

See you Saturday



This Week in the kitchen

Chef Kate Woodhouse has outdone herself in the kitchen this week.  From delicious salads, cozy Beer Braised Cabbage Cheesy Toasties, to scrumptious Strawberry Semifreddo, Gingernut Cookie Sandwiches, there's something everyone will enjoy.  Kate will be at the site office this Saturday serving up samples and she would love to meet you and have a chat!  We will also have copies of the recipes available for you to try your hand at at home. You never know, something might inspire you to do some creative cooking over the holidays!

Broccoli Salad with Horopito Pepper Sauce Dressing

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe
Vegetarian Noodle Salad.jpg

Vegetarian Noodle Salad

Produce from

View Recipe
Beer Braised Cabbage served on Cheesy Toasties.jpg

Beer Braised Cabbage served on Cheesy Toasties

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe
Strawberry Semifreddo, Gingernut Cookie Sandwiches.jpg

Strawberry Semifreddo, Gingernut Cookie Sandwiches

Produce from Butler's Fruit Farm

View Recipe

Selwyn Shanks at the Market for the next two Saturdays!


Next two Saturdays are the last of the year to get everything sharp!

Well, after missing the November markets due to other work commitments, I will be there bright and early to sharpen those garden tools, as well as the knives for Xmas dinner!!!!
Bring your collection in, go and have a coffee, or if you cannot wait, call on the following Saturday to pick up the goodies.
Remember, a blunt tool is a dangerous one!!!!


La Crepe Special


Jam Of The Day : Peach & Vanilla $6

Sweet Crepe : Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Jam
Fresh Market Strawberries
With Confectioner’s Custard $11
Or With Whipped Cream $10.50

Savoury Crepe: Avocado Guacamole (Vegan)
Or Seasonal Vegetables With Asian Curry & Coconut Cream
Or Caribbean Braised Pork With Vegetable
With Cheese Or Hummus
And With Salad & Dressing Or Egg $10.50


Otago Organics Christmas Orders


I am sure your Christmas planning is underway and, all being well, we will be at every market between now and then. Every year we have brought natural organic pine Christmas trees to sell. If you would like one for this year please place an order with us and tell us when you would like it. All sizes are available to order, ranging in price from $5.00 - $20.00. Otherwise we will be bringing two or three of the smaller size each week, beginning on Saturday 8th December.

You can also place orders for other produce that you might need for Christmas to be picked up at the Christmas market. We can supply a wide range of culinary herbs. Our mixed herb bunches and sage bunches are particularly suitable for Christmas stuffings and you could also place orders for broad beans, if these are a must for Christmas meals . We should have plenty available by then. 
See you on Saturday.



Waitaki Bacon and Ham

champagne ham.jpg

Cooked Xmas Hams!

Manuka smoked/Champagne NZ Gold Winners!

Elf Bullett Ham from $45

1/2 Ham from $75 and whole from $165


Ettrick Gardens


New Seasons:

Strawberries & Cherries

sprayfree New Potatoes, Spring Carrots & Radishes, soil grown sprayfree Red Frill Lettuce & Iceberg & Green Frill Lettuce, Coloured Carrots, Silverbeet, Gourmet Washed Potatoes, & Walnuts


Royal Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith & Sturmer Apples

Please note, we do not export, so we use less sprays.  We have reusable net produce bags available to buy so you do not have to use plastic bags. 3 sizes available, only $2 each, or 2 for $3 this month!

Super Specials This Week:

Boysenberries (frozen freeflow)

1kg @$15 or 2 for $25

Please bring your reusable shopping bags or boxes with you. Thank you. We are now single use shopping bag free. Check out our wide range of reusable bags.


Grant's Braes School at the Community Stall this Saturday


Grant's Braes School will be at our Community Stall this coming Saturday selling their lovely Truffle mixes to raise support for the school.  Please drop by and show them some love!

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