This Week at Your 'Virtual' Market

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This Week at Your 'Virtual' Market

2nd April 2020

Hi there

Kat'es view.jpg

It is hard to know what to write right now as life in our bubbles moves into week 2. For many nothing much has changed, for others life has been turned on it’s head.

We feel a huge amount for our vendors whose livelihoods, in many cases, have been shut down entirely by the virus. Harvest is in full swing, the sun is shining and normally we would be wallowing in all the abundance.

One thing I feel confident in saying is that I don’t think too many of our vendors will be wallowing in self pity. They are a practical, hardworking bunch and, as is evidenced, by some articles in this newsletter, are finding ways to keep going. We implore you to please support those vendors who have set up online ordering and payment systems with courier delivery. It is imperative that our small, local food businesses are able to sustain themselves through this time in order to still exist post lock down.

Be kind, be generous, try to balance pleasure and achievement in any one day and stay close to home. I’m spoilt in this regards as I live in paradise, but then many of us here in NZ have a wee slice of paradise to call our own. We’re very lucky.


General Manager


This Week in the kitchen

A Dip into the Archives.... to go forward we look back.  You can always find lots of inspiration in the kitchen on our website under RECIPES.

And if you find a little more time on your hands now perhaps, here's a comforting decadent cake with a few extra steps (get everyone in your bubble helping out).  If you don't have any apples you could use pears or any stone fruit or tinned fruit, heck you could probably swap out for parsnips or carrots if that's what's left in the fridge, all will be delicious!  No walnuts?  Slivered almonds would be fine or leave out altogether.  The idea is not to go out especially for ingredients at the supermarket, hopefully you find alternatives in your pantry (there will always be something somewhere in there you could use instead, especially after a tidy up I find!).  I picked this recipe out as it only has 2x eggs in it, I know these are precious at the moment.

And if you happen to have a few red onions on hand then the Roasted Red Onion Flowers looks like a smile on a plate!

Apple cake with apple chips & salted caramel sauce

Produce from Holy Cow Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Ettrick Gardens Willowbrook Orchard Rosedale Orchard

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Roasted red onion flowers.png

Roasted red onion flowers

Produce from Oamaru Organics

View Recipe

Ettrick Gardens - Deliveries

ettricks helen.jpg

It is sad we have come to this situation we find ourselves in.  But we will all pull together and get through this lovely people.

As we cannot come to Dunedin, we can courier orders to you.

If you would like an order form sent to you please email me. 


I can send orders out Monday to Thursday each week for overnight delivery.

I will need your order the day before dispatch please.

Payment will be by internet banking before dispatch please.

Or if you are local to Ettrick, pick up at an arranged time at:

Rapid 5104, State Highway 8, Ettrick.  Central Otago.  03 446 6863

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Oamaru Organics

Brydone Growers Nigel Clarke.jpg

Nigel and his team of workers, all in lock down on the farm, are beavering away putting together mixed vegetable boxes to be delivered, via courier, to you all.

The boxes are $50 including freight for urban deliveries and $55 for rural. Orders must be in by Monday morning, they will be dispatched on Wednesday with delivery probably Thursday but defo by Friday.

Text Nigel on 027 393 7198 to place your order.


Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs Deliveries

bus shelter (1) agreeable .jpg

We are now couriering boxes of 7 trays to Dunedin.  People are sharing a box with neighbours, family and friends or we will place their order
(trays only, as cheaper to courier) to someones letterbox to pick up or the end of the driveway.  Is safe and a great way to build communities at a time like this.   

Yay for all the local food supporters!



Michelle and the team at Agreeable Nature Free Range Eggs 

Selling to the locals out of our 'Valley Colours' bus shelter! ....Not
quite the Otago Farmers Market but we are still getting our eggs out
fresh to locals!


And a little ode to the good stuff in these trying times...

"You can hear the hiss, it would be remiss not to sorely miss...the bubbling, babbling burble n banter of the bar.

Betwixt and between a giggle and guffaw... it leaves us understandably raw not to be side by side cradling our foam topped jar. 

But don't dismay there is a new fangled way each and every day to raise your glass and simply say... 

Cheers me dear with a beautiful beer on the book of face, a virtual space & place...yes we will drink forever together come what may..."      

All the best.....cheers 

Toby & Debs

Penned by Toby Bennett (Catlins True Brew)


Dunford Grove

dunford grove.jpg

All well with you and yours?  Everything is pretty good here, plus the weather is amazing!  Here's our offering for this week.

Check out the DG Drive Through!  Nothing like a lovely pear when you're out on the mower.

Must say I quite like this pace of life.  It's usually pretty quiet here save for State Highway 8 directly across the lake, but now it is very peaceful - perfect!

The down-side is the lack of contact, I enjoy my Saturday mornings, this is a large part of my socializing.

Did you know?

You can order our range of products on line, hop onto the Products page at

While we're away from the market we are offering free post or courier within New Zealand on orders over $100.


Matheson and Roberts

matheson and roberts.jpg

Greetings from Jo-Ann & Adam at Matheson and Roberts.  Here is a shot of their gorgeous Leith Valley flower patch.


dr seuss.jpg

Graphics:  Thanks Adrian Lang (Fatboy & Julio).  Words:  Author unknown.  


In my Garden...

MDs garden .jpeg

Glad I have a couple of little vege plots right now, I even appreciate my scraggly tall kale 'trees' out here at Tomahawk Beach (excuse the long lawns that I need to tackle next).  I imagine everyone who planted vegies this year will be saying thank goodness you brought that plant when you did.  In hindsight makes me wish I had planted more when I had the chance, seize the moment & all that jazz while it's right there in front of you.  Cos as we know, you never know what tomorrow will bring!  Youthgrow (my leek plants I brought from you will be good to go in a month or three, along with the fancy pants basil's, plantain, lettuces, etc), Terrocotta Plants, Kakanui Produce, Matheson & Roberts (my thyme is producing nicely right now for autumn roasts thank you) & Waikouaiti Gardens - I appreciate you big time right now!  Buying local plants at farmers markets have the best start in life for our climate & environment - but you already knew that!

Take care you good kind folk, remember to breathe & keep busy & active in these unsettling times & stay close to home. Miss you & we will see you soon... there is HOPE even if this is hurting & we have to change our way of living & mindset.  Buckle up & in the meantime we'll keep you updated here & on our Facebook & Instagram pages... & feel free to email me anything you think might be good for the newsletter, life hacks, tips, gardening & composting tips, cooking tips to make stuff go further, recipes, crafty ideas, cartoons, jokes, any shout-outs to your favourite vendors, etc, etc & I'll add one or two here each week from our Market Community.

Michele Driscoll

Assistant Manager Otago Farmers Market 


Feel Free to Share this Newsletter with Your Community.

Communities helping Communities.


A Chuckle from Stan at Earnscleaugh Orchard

The mistakes people make.
A special 8AM opening for the elderly started with a queue.
A young guy came along and walked straight to the front but got beaten back by an elderly lady with her walking stick.
The young guy persevered and tried again but was punched in the stomach by another guy in the queue.
Finally the young guy stood back and said "If you don't let me open the door nobody will get in".

Cheers S

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