A New Decade has Begun!

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A New Decade has Begun!

3rd January 2020

Hi there

Happy New Year Everyone! I am sure I wasn't alone in feeling a tad wary when I awoke (late) on New Years Day and thought that the sun hadn't risen. No heralding in of the new decade. It served to remind me how fortunate we are in that we are not dealing with out of control bush fires and apart from some unseasonable weather the new decade is starting in fine form for us in the south.

This week will see more vendors back from holiday. There will be still a few away but nothing like last week.

I am so looking forward to a good shop and buying lots of the good stuff. Stone fruit is really on board now and new season vegetables just keep getting better every market.

Come on down tomorrow, and start your Saturday right!



General Manager



thumbnail__IMG_0684 tempeh 1.jpg

My aim is to bring some seasonal product into your plate following the Otago Farmers production and along the way offer you some unique taste!

Special this week :

Fermented Vegetables (sampling available)

*Raw Sauerkraut

*Kimchi (mild & medium)

*Asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, broccoflower, pumpkin, radish, dill & ginger

*Cabbage, beetroot & radish

*Cabbage, jerusaleum artichoke, turmeric & curry spices (mild) 

Organic Brown Rice, black sesame & sunflower TEMPEH

This product is traditional from Indonesia and is originally made of fermented soy beans.

Mine will be made with all sorts of beans, grains and seed, 

Low sugar jam (more fruit and less sugar, sweet enough but not too sweet; These jam are so yummy!)

Cherry, Rhubarb & Nectarine, Peach, Plum

Find me on the platform, you are welcome to have some sampling.

All my product are packed with recycling jars, please bring it back, THANK YOU.


Janefield Hydroponics - Great Special on Strawberries and Basil

20200102_094357 Strawberries.jpg

Strawberries 2 x 500gm for $16 or 1 for $10. Large basil bags $5.


Dunford Grove

Happy New Year to you all, we trust the new decade sees you well and and ready for all it will bring.
Our New Years eve was perfect; good company, nice and quiet and a little bit of oil!
Did you know?
Legend has it that when the Cabbage Tree flowers in abundance it will be a great summer.  Well we have a massive flowering here and in Karitane, but someone needs to tell Dan we're keen to see Summer!
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