This Week at the Market

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This Week at the Market

5th December 2019

Hi there

It’s here! The countdown to Christmas has definitely started and we can feel the pressure in the air as people start rushing around organising everything.  For us at the market it is a joyous time of year as the stone fruit season starts! Rosedale is back this week as is Stan from Earnscleugh. We are super excited to have the first of the cherries and probably some early apricots etc as well! Yehaa!!!

Palmerston Asparagus are back again this week, in a different possie though.  Turn right instead of left from the main entrance and they will be in there on the right, down next to Crooked Spaghetti, Blueskin  Bay Honey and Wild Dispensary.

Don’t forget our extra Christmas market on 24th December. It’s an earlier start at 6.30am and will only go until 10.30am. It is a great market to pick up the freshest produce for your Christmas feast. And not to forget the great stocking stuffers we have for sale in the market hub. Be sure to call by and check out what we have.

We had a few technical glitches with getting this newsletter out last week. It eventually went out on Friday but if you didn't see it then it may well be in your junk box. We did manage to post it to Face Book on Thursday. Fingers crossed that this one gets to the right place at the right time!!!

Why is it important to shop locally and support small, independent business? When you shop at an independently owned, local business, your entire community benefits.  This was emailed to us this week and we thought it was worth sharing with you all.

The Economy

  • Spend $100 at a locally-owned business and $52 of that stays in your community. 
  • Spend $50 at a national chain and keep $6.50 in the local community.
  • Spend $50 online with a remote vendor with no sales tax collected and keep not one penny in your local community.
  • Local businesses create higher-paying jobs for our neighbours.
  • More of your taxes are reinvested in your community--where they belong.

The Environment

  • Buying local means less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money to beautify your community.

The Community

  • Local retailers are your friends and neighbours—support them and they’ll support you.
  • Local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.
  • More independent businesses means more choice, more diversity, and a truly unique community.

and fresh is not just better but best! So there!


See you Saturday


General Manager


This Week in the kitchen

Well summer is officially here & the B word might be bandied about a bit more.  Jamalia has you sorted with lots of BBQ ideas with a few easy, tasty recipes for you to try out.  Swing by the black market caravan as you come in the gate....

Amazing Vendors This Week:

Havoc Pork Ribeye /Scotch - BBQ Pork Ribeye

Janefield Hydroponics Parsley & Coriander& Dill – Chimichurri & Vegan Potato Salad

Waikouiti Gardens NZ Spinach - Vegan Potato Salad

Ettrick Gardens New Potatoes, Spring Onions & Baby Carrots – Chimichurri / Honey Glazed Baby Carrots / Vegan Potato Salad

Blue Mountain Butchery Lamb - Marinated Lamb and Zucchini Skewers

Kakanui Produce Zucchini - Marinated Lamb and Zucchini Skewers

Hammerhead Foods BBQ Sauce - BBQ Pork Ribeye with Chimichurri and BBQ Sauce

Straight Up Vegan Aioli - Vegan Potato Salad



VENDOR MARKET SPECIALS: (apologies, due to a technical glitch we can't tag our vendors in currently).  But see below at bottom of email.  

BBQ Pork Ribeye with Chimichurri and BBQ Sauce

Produce from

View Recipe
Honey Glazed Baby Carrots.jpg

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Blueskin Bay Honey Dunford Grove

View Recipe
Marinated Lamb and Zuchini Skewers.jpg

Marinated Lamb and Zucchini Skewers

Produce from Kakanui Produce Janefield Paeonies and Hydroponics

View Recipe
Vegan Potato Salad.jpg

Vegan Potato Salad

Produce from Ettrick Gardens Waikouaiti Gardens

View Recipe

Otago Organics this week

broad beans.jpg

At last it's Broad Bean time. Yes you can pick up your new season’s beans from Otago Organics this week along with extra-large Globe Artichokes. Of course we also have our Salad Mix with Edible Flowers along with plenty of Fresh Herbs and Sorrel packs. Remember to put in your Christmas order if you need anything special. You can also order a real Christmas tree from our organic property.


Bringing the Wild Inside


For bouquets of rambunctious wild loveliness, visit my flower stall COMPANY OF FLOWERS

This month I will be making Christmas wreaths. Place your order by emailing or come down and visit my stall this Saturday.

Wreaths are $65.

(Find my white gazebo at the far northern end of the market by the car park).


Dunford Grove This Week

Pan forte 3.jpg

Dunford Grove:  So, just what was our gift for you?  A slice of seasoned olive wood complete with tea-light candle for your festive setting.  Up until Christmas, spend $40 or more and we have one for you.

Did you know?  Panforte or Sienna Cake as it is often known is a handy thing to have in the fridge over the Christmas season. It keeps really well in the fridge tightly wrapped in foil. Sliced into thin slivers and served with an after dinner coffee it’s a delicious finish to a meal or a delightful addition to a petit fours plate plus, always well received as gifts.

See you on Saturday for your Hazelnuts and a copy of the recipe.


Leckies Butchery Market Specials

leckies Logo.jpg

Rump Steak $17.95kg

Old English Sausages $12.95kg


La Crepe Special 7th December

March 23rd 2019.jpg

And the Dream come true, The Strawberry Dream is back.

Here is the inspiration for Saturday.  Wishing you a great day.


Jam of the Day: Garden Rhubarb $6

The Creation: Lemon Curd or Passion Fruit with Low Sugar Hazelnut Meringue and Whipped Cream $8

Sweet Crepe: Strawberry Dream

Strawberry Jam
Fresh Market Strawberries

with Home-made Custard $11
or with Whipped Cream $10.50 

Savoury Crepe:

Roasted Pumpkin & Onion with or without Feta (Vegan) $10.50 OR  Fair Game Wild Rabbit finished with Monteith’s Cider $12.00

with Cheese or Hummus

and with Salad & Dressing or Egg 


International Day of the Volunteer Today!

Millie ONeill OFM.jpg

We have been lucky enough to have a great little team of Waste Volunteers / Waste Warriors at the market throughout the year, it's impressive how they turn up for a 2 hour shift on a Saturday to help educate the public, answer any recycling questions & make a difference to help get us to a very minimal waste market currently.  We have had a great team recently, some of the students from Otago Uni & Japanese language students along with some regular faces at the market.  We are always on the look out for volunteers to help out in the 8am - 10am shift.  Come & have a chat to us at the black market caravan if you are interested or email Michele at

Big shout outs to these guys!  They make a huge difference to the running of the Farmers Market.

(image: Millie)



Ettrick Gardens Market Specials

ettricks carrots.jpg





Soil grown Onions, Spring Onions, Radish, Washed  Potatoes. Potatoes, Beetroot, Baby Beetroot, Walnuts. 

Check out our ‘bring your bag’ to ‘bag your own’ section. Gold & Red Beetroot and Washed Red Fantasy Potatoes. Crunchy Royal Gala, Granny Smith &  Pink Lady Apples.  Frozen Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Tayberries, Blueberries and Mixed Berries. 

Check out our wide range of reusable and Home Compostable bags!!

BOYSENBERRIES free flow 1 KG @ $10. Great with Yoghurt or Ice Cream,  or stock up your Jam supply!!  Delicious in smoothies, make a couli, Ambrosia is sooo easy to make and soooooo delicious.

Ettrick Gardens

on your right at the main gate, or

Rapid 5104,  State Highway 8, Ettrick. Central Otago.  03 446 6863

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook


POP UP Stall

Pop Up Cropped.jpeg


Blue label: Red & green cabbage, fennel, cauliflower, onion, garlic, Cumin & coriander seeds (only one jar left)

Green label: Cabbage, Broccoli, broccoflower & ginger

Pink label: Cabbage, Broccoli & Yams KIMCHI STYLE

Pink label: KIMCHI

Find the stall down at Oamaru Organics.


Havoc Farm Pork Special


Whole ribeye $17kg or half $20kg


Janefield Hydroponics


Dill, Coriander & Parsley all $3 each.  


Waikouaiti Gardens


NZ Spinach $4 per bag


Ettrick Gardens

spring onions.jpg

New Potatoes $6 per bag.  Baby Carrots. 

Spring Onions $2.50 per bunch. 


Blue Mountain Butchery

blue mountain lamb.jpg

Marinated Lamb:

Port Wine & Garlic $24.90kg

Rosemary & Mint $24.90kg (pictured)

Both Gluten Free.


Kakanui Produce


Courgettes - yellow & green.  Check on the day for prices.


Hammerhead Foods

hammerheads use.jpg

Southern Chipotle BBQ Sauce $10 per bottle.


Straight Up Vegan


Unfortunately due to a family bereavement Straight Up Vegan won't be at the market this week, but will be back next week with Aioli $6 


Dunford Grove - Gift With Purchase

Dunford Grove.jpg

Spend over $40 & get a little wooden handmade tea light made by Sandy.

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